Use Custom Entities in Global Email Templates With SolzEditor

This is the 3rd edition of the enhancements of SolzEditor. If you have missed the same refer to Part 1 and Part 2 here. This edition of SolzEditor addresses two major limitations with the out of the box email template editor of CRM: 1). There are only a limited number of entities which are supported for creating email templates:

So, we can create the template for any of the above entities or can create it globally. We cannot create a template for any custom entity. 2). The default email editor does not allow to use of attributes of any related entity. For example, I create a template for Contact entity:

Now when I try to add attributes of any related entity with Contact, I don’t find all the related entities and can see one primary entity(Contact) and two related entities(User and Account):

Solution of the above two problems:

So, to overcome the above two problems, Soluzione has enhanced the SolzEditor which was originally a rich HTML text editor where you can add styling, colours, fonts, etc to the email body. This enhancement is greatly influenced by an awesome solution proposed by Kluodingenuity

So without any further ado let’s dive into it and see how it works: 1). Select ‘Template Type’ as ‘Global’ then click on OK:

2). The default out of the box email template editor gets open. Save and Close the template after adding Title and Subject:

3). Open SolzEditor and select ‘Test Email Template For SolzEditor’ for CRM Email Templates option list. As this template is a global template, we can select any entity of our CRM instance from the list of “Primary Entity”. For now select ‘Cricketer‘ as the Primary Entity:

4). After selecting ‘Cricketer’ as the primary entity, the list of ‘Related Entity’ gets auto-filled. Select any entity:

5). After selecting Primary Entity and Related Entity, the Primary Attributes and Related Attributes gets auto-filled. Select any attribute and insert into template’s body and then save:

6). To test the same, create a new Email record and select a Cricketer record in regarding field and then insert template. The template “Test Email Template For SolzEditor” is shown in the ‘Select Template’ window:

7). After inserting the template, the primary attribute fields get replaced by their values but related entity’s attributes don’t get replaced at this moment:

8). Now Save or Send the email. The related attributes will also get replaced by the values and the email will be sent with the values:

So this rich HTML text editor is very useful in designing simple or complex templates containing data from primary entities and related entities as well whether it is an out of the box entity or a custom entity.


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