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Dynamics 365 Productivity Accelerator Add-Ons

Overview of Soluzione’s D365 Add-Ons

Soluzione IT Services has developed a series of D365 Add-Ons to boost the systems’ productivity, offering advanced capabilities, features to enhance the overall user experience while ensuring no compromise has been made on the performance or the compliance guidelines.CRM solutions can do more than just organize your contacts in a digital space. Be a CRM champion with feature-rich add-ons designed by Soluzione It Services.Apart from/along with these D365 Add-Ons, Soluzione IT Services can also assist in setting up, customizing, maintaining, and techno-functional consulting on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for your business.

Everything that makes you a D365 Champ

Each of D365’s Business Applications is created to provide mini-applications that can be mounted\deployed as an extension of the default (often referred to as ‘Vanilla State’) applications, giving them additional capabilities\features that are not present in the out-of-the-box default ones.

Dynamics 365 Add-Ons - How well do they fit in?

Dynamics 365 (D365) is a set of Microsoft Business Applications used to manage a wide range of business processes, such as CRM, Finances, Projects, etc. Microsoft supported apps that can be used either individually or together depending on the business model and requirements of an organization.

These Add-Ons do not hinder the stability and performance of the D365 platform, and do not compromise the security and support compliances defined by Microsoft. The flexibility of D365 allows these Add-Ons to be developed in many ways using a wide variety of technologies.

Empowers enterprises to deploy different functionalities to create Model-Driven Applications by leveraging the benefits of Microsoft’s Power Platform. Using a specific set of core objects/entities and providing a framework for customizing the application for a particular business application.

Report Scheduling Automation

Now optimize efforts and time to create and run multiple reports on your Dynamics 365 CRM software with a report scheduler add-on. Report Scheduling Automation is an excellent mechanism for generating analytical and detailed reports. Utilizing data for improved business insights for making well-informed business decisions.

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Interactive Kanban Board

Soluzione’s Interactive Kanban Board Add-On for Dynamics 365 takes it up by a few notches by transforming Kanban into an executable dashboard with its super-simple Drag-&-Drop Controls to not only give an insight into records but also allow updating them from the board itself.

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Share point

Activity Timeline Accelerator

Soluzione’s Activity Timeline Accelerator Add-On for D365 addresses most cardinal issues so that every feature optimizes its potential by offering a smart and interactive timeline view for both standard and custom entities. That may seem simple but can make all the difference for a quicker and clearer insight into activities.  

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Soluzione’s Auto-Counter Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics eliminates the limitations of the default D365 module by allowing pre-established naming conventions to be used for the auto-numbering of records of any standard or custom entity. Allowing configuring the required prefix, suffix, counter zero padding, and specified date formats with auto-numbering. 

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HTML Email Template Editor

An email has been the most important means of both internal, and external business. Soluzione’s HTML Email Template Editor for Dynamics 365 allows you to create beautiful and highly professional emails and email templates by using its feature-rich yet user-friendly HTML Editor.

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Kanban Board

SharePoint Metadata Capture

The SharePoint Metadata Capture Add-On for Dynamics 365 by Soluzione captures all a document’s metadata automatically when it is uploaded to SharePoint from D365. The integration between D365 and SharePoint is enhanced by the ability to include condition-driven logical automation specially designed for SharePoint.

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Accounting Connectors for Xero, MYOB, and QuickBooks

Soluzione’s Accounting Connectors for Bi-Directional Integration of Dynamics 365 help in overcoming these challenges for organizations using D365 with Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks as their accounting software. For a secure, robust, and reliable cloud-hosted service experience.

Auto Counter
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