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A well-defined plan is extremely important you intend to migrate from other systems (Salesforce, Talisma, ZOHO or Sugar or Custom CRMs) to Dynamics CRM or upgrading from older versions (Dynamics CRM 3.2, 4.0, 2011, 2013) to Dynamics 365 CE. Also, Dynamics CRM has been evolving adding new features every release and every year two major releases are rolled out.

Soluzione has worked with many organizations to migrate custom workflows and functionalities to Dynamics 365 CE. We have developed a proven process and can execute it successfully and can deliver it more cost-effectively than ever before. As Microsoft CRM Online or D365 CE offers very mature and flexible capability, we often find the best approach is to view the migration as a new CRM implementation leveraging new capabilities with data migration from the existing CRM.

Optimal Migration & Support for D365 CE
Migrating Configurations to Dynamics 365 CE

Moving Customisations and Configurations requires analysis and careful planning. Configuration data is a type of meta data. Meta data can be thought of as data about data. The values within an Option Set are an example of meta data that will migrate with the movement of solution files. Entities containing data about data, such as a custom entity containing values for a standardized lookup field or Owner Teams, are another type of meta data. Solutions exported from CRM do not contain data stored within Entities.

Soluzione experts use proven methods, tools to move the configuration data across environments and ensure they work without hitch. Often customizations need to be recreated or re-engineered to leverage the potential of Dynamics 365 CE and the Common Data Model.

Migrating Source Data to Dynamics 365 CE

Soluzione consultants and developers use efficient and proven methods for migrating data from the legacy or other applications to Dynamics 365. In some cases, the legacy application might be on the D365 CRM platform or earlier versions where you may be better off by reimplementing it completely.

In many cases, a “Lift & Shift” from on-prem to the online version may be the right choice. The chosen approach may require heavy data lifting and some work arounds while ensuring data integrity is maintained. This is best done using an automated script/packages to perform the ETL process or use proven tools and bridges. The required custom scripts are developed and deployed by Soluzione as required. Thereafter through testing and checks are done for ensuring a better go live and production phase.

Upgradation and Updation Support for Dynamics 365 CE

Since Microsoft will deliver two major Dynamics 365 Online updates each year in April and October, the need to constantly examine them and evaluate them becomes important. For these releases, Microsoft says it will disable potentially disruptive new features and changes by default enabling administrators to test these before applying these in their environment. This may often require expert support.

The roll-out of the new Unified Interface is one recent example of disabling by default Web client- something which is core to the current user experience for may users. Soluzione provides continuous support and impact assessment services for these upgrades as well as for new versions and helps its clients de-risk the upgradations, preserves customizations as well as ensure minimal disruptions or user dissonance.

Why Soluzione for CRM Migrations to Dynamics 365 CE

We undertake Migration projects with an underlying approach to ensure CRM is simplified and aligned to the roles and relevant processes for the users to ensure great User Adoption. Our team of Certified developers are expert in Data Migration skills to ensure a cost-effective migration from your existing solution with custom data bridges and scripts. For more complex data migrations, we recommend the use of Scribe and other tools as well which our team has extensive experience with.

Our strong expertise in Dynamics CRM coupled with the experience of migrating CRM instances makes us one of the most reliable CRM partners. We use an offshore model for CRM migration which also helps our customers to save more than 60% of their costs for their migration purposes. Our expertise across the entire Microsoft suite of products makes us a reliable partner for any kind of support around the software or hardware.

Our consulting approach during migration focuses on upgrading the existing Dynamics CRM applications and work towards further betterment of its features & functionality while implementing them.

This includes educating customers with the new features on the target version and effectively leveraging them for their business. Our approach involves the following:-

  • Evaluate: This is the first step of the process where we evaluate the intent of data migration and define a Scope for the data we are trying to migrate.
  • Plan & Analyze: Defining the strategy for data migration is the key to the migration to be successful.
  • Extract: Define and perform the Data Extraction from different data sources, You may or may not use a Staging Database.
  • Clean: Data cleanup is a continuous process and while it should be happening in parallel with all other steps, This stage in the last opportunity to clean the data before loading it in D365.
  • Load: In this stage, we execute the process to move the data into Dynamics 365, This requires a lot of planning and prep to minimize the impact on the users and maintain business continuity.
  • Verify: Like cleanup, data validation is a continuous process as well, validation is required when data is being extracted to ensure all the requisite data is accounted for, validation is required during cleanup to ensure relevant data is not being removed and at the end, validation is required to ensure data has been loaded correctly.
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