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IT Offshoring Outsourcing is all about identifying & engaging Specialists who can fulfil your IT needs Efficiently & Economically.
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What exactly is Offshore Outsourcing of IT Services ?

In a classic sense, the process of a company branching out to different geographies is Offshoring while engaging another company to get your work assignments completed is Outsourcing. These phenomenon have been an integral part of IT industry which has for been practiced by organizations of all sized for a long time. With time, these processes have been integrated to formulate the best approach which helps in maximizing efficiency while minimizing overall cost and business risk. For majority of industries, IT is an extension to the core business model which is intended to streamline different internal and\or external processes. Soluzione recognizes that Efficient Offshore Outsourcing is possible through a 3-Tier Combination of Skill, Volume and Low-Cost has for which we have developed a large taskforce of multiple interlinked teams specializing in specific technical fronts of IT Infrastructure and Business Applications at its Technical Headquarters in India. A question here is that how is it Offshore Outsourcing and not Outsourcing whose answer lies in the operational methodology. At Soluzione, we follow an adaptive flexibility methodology through the various service models of FTE, On-Demand, etc. where our team aligns its work pattern, tools, communication channels and work shifts so as to replicate the model being used at the client’s end and function as an extended offshore team of the same organization.

Best for Offshore Outsourcing

Soluzione has proven to be the Best Choice for Offshoring Outsourcing IT Services
for MSME through its undulated attention to the 4 Key Pillar Model

Offshoring Outsourcing IT Services

1.Expertise: Our Team is comprised of Experienced, Certified IT Professionals who specialize in multiple technology platforms of Microsoft (Dynamics, PowerApps, Power BI, SharePoint, M365, etc.) and MEAN Stack covering different service areas of Architecture, Design, Development, Quality Assurance, Administration, Maintenance & Support.

2.Reliability: Since 2011, Soluzione has been delivering quality products, solutions and services to its customers across different geographies of North & South America, Europe, Oceania and Asia in different Business Domains of Finance, Education, Health Care & Insurance, Travel & Transport, Digital Services and many more.

3.Cost Effectiveness: Using our India based Workforce HQ, we are able to provide most efficient IT Services at highly competitive cost-effective budget range.

4.Flexibility: Soluzione maintains an adaptive approach through flexible work models that can be optimized according to the business needs of its customers in terms of Project Management, Communication, Collaborative Development, SLAs, Time Zones, and more.

Soluzione’s Offshore Outsourcing IT Services

Software Development

Software Development

Soluzione specializes in end-to-end IT Services for software designing, development, quality assurance & administration for diverse technology platforms ranging from Microsoft Stack of Dynamics, Power Platform, M365, .NET Core, etc. along with MEAN Stack, UI-Path RPA and more.

Application & Infrastructure Maintenance & Support Services

Application Maintenance & Support

Soluzione Application  Maintenance & Support Services is a cumulative unit of multiple teams that work collaboratively on different areas of specialization for ensuring all technology areas of IT Infrastructure (Azure, AWS, etc.) and IT Applications (both standard & custom) are taken care of in a coherent way .

Digital Services

Digital Services

Soluzione offers specialized Business Development Services of SEO\SEM, SMO\SMM, Email Campaigning, Website Designing, eCommerce and more through its ORM and other Digital Service Plans for both Global & Geography-specific needs.

Offshoring vs Outsourcing vs Offshore Outsourcing

There is often a confusion in understanding these terms by their definition, so let’s try to understand them by an example instead:
  • If “ABC” is a company originating from Norway and sets up its IT Development center in India, it can be said that “’ABC’ Offshores its IT Development activities”.
  • When a business “ABC” engages another business “XYZ” for executing some of its work deliverables (internal\external), it can be said that: “’ABC’ has Outsourced some of its services to ‘XYZ’”.
  • If “ABC” is a Sweden based company that engages an India based company named “123” for its IT Services, it can be said that “’ABC’ has its IT Services Outsourced Offshore to ‘123’” .

Why Soluzione is the Best Choice to Offshore Outsource IT Services?

In today’s Digital Era, IT Services are essential for businesses of all sizes across all domains.Earlier, many businesses chose to setup their own (in-house) Sections\Departments\Teams for IT, but the fundamental flaw with this approach is that it is time consuming, brings a shortage of experience \ expertise and expensive making it unfeasible for a majority of small and new businesses.
Many of these businesses opted to Outsource their IT Services and when possible, Outsource them to a more plausible location.

  • Skilled IT Professional at Economically Feasible Cost .
  • Abundance of Resource Pool for High (24×7) Availability across Diverse Technologies .
  • Ease of Communication with Multi-Lingual Support across .
  • A stable political climate .
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