Application Maintenance And Support (AMS)

 In its simplest form, IT support is about offering assistance to individuals and organizations regarding technology-related devices. Its purpose is to provide users with answers to problems they may be experiencing. In a business environment, IT support is more than assistance. It can encompass the setup, installation, and configuration of equipment, plus much more.

Soluzione is Microsoft Gold Partner Company specializing in providing Maintenance, Support and Administration Services for Cloud and On-Premise IT Solutions having Applications based on Microsoft, MEAN Stack & other Hybrid Technologies to boost your business productivity by including flexibility, scalability, and a quick return on investment. We provide ITIL based AMS and L1, L2, L3 & L4 Support Services for CSI.

Software Maintenance and Support Services

Security & Stability

Discover end-to-end application maintenance and support service models with 24/7/365 availability & highly secure access processes to address your business needs.

Minimum Downtime

Acquire industry-tested app maintenance concepts such as adaptive, corrective, preventive, and perfective maintenance. Ensure that your applications are up & running with little downtime.


With powerful tools and validated knowledge, you can now obtain a detailed review of your software’s performance as well as bespoke application customization to align it with your business.

Customization of features

Industry experts for in-depth assessments of business while maintaining focus for targeted updates and customizations. Work with a leading maintenance company to get curated expertise.

Work with a leading software maintenance company to get curated expertise

Maintenance of Adaptive Software

When your software environment experiences significant changes, use our maintenance professionals to fine-tune your application so that it continues to function optimally while retaining stability and utility.

Maintaining Perfect Software

Enhance your corporate application’s performance while extending its operating life. To assure efficiency, gain access to transformational functionalities for market-leading usability while also resolving performance-stalling difficulties.

Maintenance of Corrective Software

Deploy maintenance teams with hands-on experience finding and correcting problems as well as eradicating glitches to eliminate instances that degrade your UX’s quality. In SOS situations, perform remedial repairs as well as routine maintenance.

Main Challenges in Maintenance & Support

Failure to develop solutions that reduce support expenses to lower total cost of ownership over time.
Inadequate custom-built features in software solutions to graph changing company demands.

Reputable Software Maintenance Services
Revitalize outdated software and integrate upgraded technology with highly effective legacy software maintenance, which includes:
Perfectionism and Maintenance

We keep your software in good shape for consistent growth by incorporating correct planning, and envisioning contingencies for possible hurdles.

Continuous App Improvement

To make your process apps more robust, get additional help like bug fixing, problem analysis and resolution, and on-call support.

App Support/Maintenance

To keep up with the pace of business, engage in regular app modernization initiatives. Our team is available 24 x 7 x 365

Upgrades to perfection

We’ll create flexible features for your company software based on your ideas. Upgrade a range of new functionalities and features to stay ahead of competition.

Marketing based on results

Employ a team of skilled quality analysts to conduct an in-depth study of your processes and make technological improvements as needed.

Improvements in Technology

To get better results, change DNA of your corporate apps. Rewrite code, rearrange app architecture, and make technology frameworks more efficient.

Compliance/Security Review

For a smooth process, a team of professionals will conduct regular and planned checks on app functionality and compliance standards.

SLA based Support

Ensure that your business needs, such as network uptime, speed, and customer service availability, are satisfied with reliable software.

Broad Classification of Maintenance and Support Services
We provide skilled support and a comprehensive range of maintenance services for
Available Whenever You Need : On-Demand Services

To ensure flawless delivery, we endeavour to integrate best-in-class app maintenance solutions and drive optimal functions of your business apps. Our on-demand services, ranging from bug fixes to task tracking include:

Migration of Operating Systems and Servers

Our programmers look at your IT business plan, on-staff resources, technology, and other facets of IT transformation. We examine your current programmes and, if necessary, recommend OS updates and system migration.

Maintenance by Third Parties

We teach our developers and support specialists so that they can use a range of ways to find bugs in your software and provide support services that meet your needs.

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