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Designing beautiful email templates for customer communication is an imperative requirement for CRMs. The default email editor in Dynamics 365 has several limitations. Firstly, it limits users to fetch data from standard entities only and does not support the fetching of data from related or custom entities. Secondly, it doesn’t provide a native Drag and Drop email template builder which helps create well designed, responsive, and interactive email templates.

The all new SolzEditor helps Dynamics 365 users to overcome the above limitations they face in designing Email Templates while using the default out of the box Dynamics CRM editor. With this advanced add-on, Dynamics CRM users can use the intuitive Drag and drop features to create new templates or modify an existing email template from the editor library.

SolzEditor add-on provides another additional facility using which Dynamics 365 users can upload images and store them. The add-on allows you to build an image asset library to reuse images across email templates. Using this you can store and use local images from your Desktop in your email templates. This saves you from uploading images every time you create an email template.

Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editor

Now create professional emails quickly without any HTML skills within Dynamics CRM. Use the Drag and Drop feature to easily add visual elements, insert images, text areas, videos and more.

Responsive Emails

Email templates built on SolzEditor are fully responsive by design on most-popular email clients, even Outlook. This helps you craft beautiful responsive emails in Dynamics 365 CE.

Pre-designed Free Email Templates

Choose from the library of free email templates, customize or build new ones from scratch. The add-on comes with a rich repository of pre-designed templates and other resources.

Email Templates for Any Entity

Crafting email templates with a standard email editor in Dynamics CRM has a limitation on the entities you can use. This email templates editor enables you to use any entity including custom entities in your email templates..

Use Local Images in Email Templates

This CRM Add-on for Dynamics 365 CE gives you the freedom to use local images from your Desktop in your email templates. Easily build an image asset library to reuse images across email templates.

Get Related Entity Attributes in Emails

As an HTML email editor for Dynamics 365, SolzEditor not only allows use of attributes from the primary entity but also enables the use of attributes from any related entity in email templates.

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