What is Power apps? Types of Power apps, Uses, and More

It is a genius idea to use the PowerApps development platform to create applications for mobile and web. As any other high-end developer tool available in the technology market, reserved for developers.  

PowerApps exclusive capabilities and a broader set of options, configurations, and architectural choices. For users with less or no technical knowledge to take charge to transform your business ideas into high business generating applications.  

What is PowerApps? How does it work?Will it suit your business size? How can it help your business to have a strong presence? And the trickiest one, how difficult PowerApps is to learn for non-technical users? Let us get started,

What is PowerApps?

You have all heard about Power Apps. Helping millions of businesses like yours create stunning applications since it launched in Microsoft’s cloud-based software infrastructure.

PowerApps is a suite of the app, services, connectors, and a data platform that help build an environment for fast application development and creating a custom app for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.  

The high-end capabilities of PowerApps, rich business logic, and workflow capabilities for digital transformation and process automation of business operations. Used to build high-quality apps while maintaining a responsive interface supporting the advanced enterprise and administrator needs without writing code.  

It allows seamless integration between the database or other online and on-premises data sources like SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server using Microsoft Power BI dedicated control.  

Types of PowerApps

Based on the different business needs. You can design PowerApps in the following two layouts.  

  1. Canvas Apps 
  2. Model-Driven Apps 

1. Canvas apps

Canvas apps are like an artist’s blank canvas for your business app idea. It is the maximum design flexibility, beautiful interface, better user experience, effortless learning curve. Easy drag-and-drop controls instead of complicated coding or programming that proves the statement to be reliable?  

Still and all, Canvass Apps enables you to design and organize freely by bringing your business knowledge and creativity to the app design in the Pixel Perfect environment.  

Design a highly tailored interface and connect it to your choice of more than 200 data sources for building lightweight canvas apps and disposable apps in minutes for web, mobile, and tablet applications. 

With PowerApps, creating Canvas Apps is easy. You can start with building your app with Microsoft tools from your data verse, from such as: 

  • SharePoint list 
  • Power BI dashboard 
  • A sample 
  • Dataverse source 
  • From a blank canvas 
  • Via AppSource 

2. Model-driven apps 

Empowered by Microsoft Common Data Service, model-driven apps start with your data, built on top of the Common Data Services model. When you want to create a model-driven app, you can leverage all the power of the dataverse to quick creation and configuration of forms, business rules & process flows from the Microsoft Power Apps site. 

With such a great ability to run as a standalone application or as the backend to Canvas apps. Intended for heavier and more complex Model-driven apps to be built on top of the Common ‘Data Services’ provides capabilities to generate data models as one of its core benefits.  

Model-driven apps automatically generate excellent UI (User Interface) responsiveness across devices. To leverage the power and flexibility of a canvas experience within the model-driven app. With absolute control over page layout, custom components, PowerApps connectors, and less coding.  

Uses of Microsoft Power apps

1. PowerApps, as an Enterprise-grade platform for Administrators 

Through the Power Platform admin centre, admins and partners can manage storage capacity, environments, and deployments in a more reliable, unified way.  

Admins may use advanced analytics to analyse and diagnose deployment difficulties, and their combined assistance and support experience enables them to get the help they need and escalate issues to Microsoft support when necessary. 

Power App administrators can use the Power Platform admin centre (admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com) to establish and manage environments, monitor Data verse analytics, and get real-time self-help tips.  

2. For Existing Microsoft Users 

Customers of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Project Service, and of IT and ISV apps. Will be able to leverage the Interface to create adaptive, performant, and responsive experiences that provide the functionalities users require. 

A unified mobile player also allows you to launch model-driven and canvas apps created by Microsoft, ISVs, and IT departments from a specific location.

3. Power Apps for Developers 

Using code, Microsoft PowerApps developers can create data and metadata, apply server-side logic through Azure functions, plug-ins, and workflow extensions. Apply client-side logic through JavaScript, integrate with external data through virtual entities. Integrate website experiences with custom connectors and apps to create integrated solutions. 

“Pro developers can also take advantage of Microsoft Power Apps’ extensible platform to programmatically interact with data and metadata, to apply business logic, to create custom connectors, and to integrate with external data.

4. Power Apps for app creators 

Microsoft Power Apps allows you to construct two major types of apps: canvas, model driven. The app creator for canvas apps is Power Apps Studio for robust PowerApps development. Using the app designer is a lot like using Microsoft PowerPoint to create a slide deck. The model-driven app designer allows you to specify the sitemap and add components. 

A design model based on WYSIWYG  (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET) to make changes, add and configure webpages, components, forms, and lists.  
To create an app, you can start with make.powerapps.com. 


We hope that this information will enlighten you about the world of power apps and guide you better leverage the strength of Power portal to design applications to solve your problems and fulfil your business needs.  

Planning a Power Apps app project 

The first app you build is easy to make. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Software Partner, we have extensive experience developing enterprise applications, as well as developing affordable business solutions for clients like you.  

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