Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Xero Connector | Complete Integration By Soluzione

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Soluzione has developed Xero Connector to ensure smooth two-way integration between Dynamics CRM and your Xero subscription. It is a secure, robust and reliable cloud-hosted service to synchronize and link customer records, invoices, and payments between Dynamics 365 CRM and Xero, ensuring that all the information is up-to-date saving you time, money and improving your customer relationships.sdvsdfv

The connector enables two-way synchronization between Dynamics CRM and Xero. Below diagram provides a high-level view of data synchronization and data flow between two systems.

Dynamics CRM – Xero Connector Overview

Dynamics CRM – Xero Connector Overview

We offer a solution that can instantly integrate your entire sales cycle with Xero-Accounting system. It may be your Transactional or Master Data Syncing.

  • Master Data: Data which is required for other transactions to occur such as Tax Rates, Chart of Accounts and Branding Theme. (Branding theme synchronization is optional and can be skipped if the Xero organization does not support the same.)
  • Transactional Data: Actual data that gets generated on a day to day basis and is transactional in nature such as Accounts, Contacts, Invoices, Payments, etc.

Apart from syncing data, you can also verify that the data has synchronized from Xero to Dynamics 365 CRM. Once synchronization is complete, the system updates the “Status” and “Last Synced on date” with Success or Failure “Remark” for each record.

Content: It reduces your labor as at the time of the creation of a record in Xero you can sync all records from CRM to Xero without even logging into Xero from a single click.

Dynamics 365 CRM for Xero Integration has the following functionality:

  • You can provide the field mappings for accounts and contacts i.e. what kind of CRM Account/ Contact record becomes which type of record in Xero e.g. Customer/ Employee/ Vendor etc.
Figure Xero Field Mapping

Xero field mapping

In case no value is found in Account/ Contact mapping then by default the system maps the account and contact record to “Contact” in Xero. It neither creates “Customer” nor “Supplier”.

  • Add and Sync Contact at the time of Creation. On Account and Contact entity there is a section “Xero Details”, to check synchronizations status.
Figure Xero Synchronizations Status

Xero synchronizations status

  • Sync invoices automatically into Xero. Once synchronization is complete, the system updates the “Status” and “Last synced on” date and time.


  • While adding write-in-product in Invoice, COA and Tax Rate should be added manually.


  • Payments (including pre-payments, batch payment) and Credit Notes are synchronized from Xero to CRM. These are a part of transactional data and is synchronized on a day to day basis.


  • When the payments are synced from CRM to Xero it is reflected in the Invoices linked to that respective payment.
Figure Payment Synchronized To Its Invoice

Payment synchronized to its Invoice

  • When the Credit Notes are synced from CRM to Xero it is reflected in the Invoices linked to that respective Credit Notes.
Figure Credit Note Synced To Its Respective Invoice

Credit Note Synced to its respective Invoice

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