Health care is maintenance or curing of health from various diseases, illnesses, and injuries through prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The Health Care Service Providers gives the facility of caregiver and face many problems while maintaining the records.

The caregiver may be Personal Supporter, Nurse, Alzheimer and Dementia Supporter, Attender, etc. The Institute or Company which give the facility of Service Providers have to maintain the record of the caregiver like whether they are certified by the government, personal details of them, his or her performance while dealing with the patient, how well the patient is recovering with the services provided by them, if he/she is getting proper medication on time, etc.

To resolve this issue our professional workers developed an application named as ‘SolzCare’ which offers CRM based services to the clients. Our experts are creative thinkers who utilize new technology and efficient ways to fulfill the client’s needs. We help to record the details of the caregiver including the patient’s health report under a single platform in a proper framework that improves the efficiency and working culture of the business. We support institutes in managing and coordinating health care services through CRM software.

  • Real-time dashboard which gives relevant information
  • Allow to edit and update the new/past task that falls in/on an existing row
  • Smart scheduling with skill-based assignments
  • Recording of all customer interactions including phone calls, tasks, activities and appointments
  • It gives the facility to scan and upload the document to the share point
  • Easy detail capturing through questionnaire, etc.
  • Records are easily transferable to various other applications
  • Care funding estimations
  • Automatic reminder, alerts and scheduling features
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Not-for-profit organization works for the community and work without bringing any profit to their owners. The main goal is to provide the services and products to enhance the public welfare without earning any money. To maintain internal processes and records is very tough but essential as it works for the welfare of society.

The problems faced by the NGOs are maintaining the record for whom they have worked for, maintaining records and grow membership, donation records, and expenditure records.

We ‘The Soluzione’ believe in resolving the issues. To overcome the situation, we design software that helps to maintain their over-all record displaying date and time, their daily tasks, etc. It helps to achieve growth by analyzing the performance. It is a platform that helps to maintain up-to-date and secure client information with ease. With the help of CRM-

  • Work efficiency is improved
  • Hassle-free information is security
  • It automates the process while lowering overall cost
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Education is the process of imparting knowledge, skills, values, habits and developing beliefs. It plays a vital role in building an individual as a leader in various fields and helps them to become good citizens.

The schools and various institutes aim is to build the student all-rounder by providing them with good quality education as they are the integral and interdependent part of the economy. But to run an educational institution is not an easy task.

The institute has to maintain proper records like no. of admissions, records of each student in every class, examination, pass outs, scholarship details, daily entry of the students and teachers attendance, placement, alumni, etc. To resolve this problem, we have designed SolzRBM that works on Dynamics CRM to maintain the proper framework of the institutes. It helps to maintain-

  • Record of student’s lifecycle like their academic and recruitment report
  • Create the class timetable, attendance, enrolment
  • Send the messages and display the performance of the students to their parents
  • Maintain online fee record
  • Display the recruitment process
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Direct Marketing is the process through which the marketers can give information related to their goods and services directly to the customers. It is a fast and stable process as it reduces the waiting time of the marketers and allows to serve them with their services to the customers.

Various brochure, pamphlets, leaflets etc. are the mediums that play an important role in carrying and achieving growth in the business as it attracts the visitors and helps to build the strong relationship between them. But to maintain the record like ‘how many pamphlets have been distributed, which area has been covered, by whom and at what time, what is the response from the customers etc.’ was difficult. To overcome this, Soluzione has developed a solution known as “Distribution Desk” which helps to maintain the daily records. It takes availability of joggers, create shifts, generate reports.

It keeps all the present and past records of the company including the employee’s performance and maintains the record of the payroll with the bonus details. It covers complete sales cycle viz. Lead, Opportunity, Bookings, Invoices, Payments, etc. Here,

  • It helps to manage your task force and all the shifts
  • Task force can provide availability online and get notifications regarding upcoming shifts
  • Supervisor can give feedback online
  • All the reports are generated with ease
  • It can be integrated with third-party accounting software using Xero, GPS trackers, Mail and SMS applications
  • It gives completes sales life cycle to help you in projections and upcoming revenues
  • It maintains customer’s information, accounts and contacts with ease
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Travel and tourism is an ever booming industry. The main aim of the tourism industry is to develop and promote various cultural sites, heritage, business and sports tourism. It is one of the rapidly growing industries.

To increase the number of tourist and to provide them with better facilities is not an easy task. It requires proper guidance and maintenance. ‘Soluzione’ has created solution for the industry built on Microsoft Dynamic CRM that gives information related to the company on a single platform to the customers.

Our experts design software with the latest techniques and tools that shows booking portal, availability of a number of seats or rooms, various offers given by the company and other related information.

It maintains the record of the passengers or customers with the proper time. It also helps to maintain the staff’s record by displaying their time shift. With an increasing number of customers, our major objective is to help our clients to maintain proper records and help them turn their leads into clients.

Our experts designed it to fulfill customers present and future needs. These include Core CRM Customization, custom entities, workflow, plugins, CRM dashboard, and Report and Custom Utilities for importing leads from multiple sources. It helped them to increase productivity by increasing the growth of their business and to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Event Management is considered as a creative job but it carries a lot of planning, resource identification and allocation, implementation. They have to maintain records of their clients, vendors, freelancers, speakers while maintaining orders, invoices, employee’s details, etc. Our services help to manage the things in proper order through our application build for event management. It gives a platform to both the managers and volunteer team to work together. It helps to maintain the interactions and relationship with the clients. Benefits of using Event Management Application –

  • It gives easy access to the people as they get to know about the events their clients have attended. The event managers also get the medium to update the customers about their services and new ideas
  • Allotment of work to their members during various events becomes very easy
  • On a single platform, you can bring all the resources, allocate them optimally, allocate needful budget, manage staff, their calendar and events
  • It also allows you to create ticketing, free passes and other finances in the same platform
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The work of property management is to manage the work by focusing on tenant’s relation and maintenance. They have to maintain industrial, commercial and real-estate records. If we talk about a community, it is a difficult task to maintain the electricity bill, maintenance of collection record, water supply bill, numbers of people living in the society, number of vacant homes, entry and exit time of the unknown person and many more.

It is also difficult to file a complaint of the society. For example, if a block or a particular house face a leakage problem in their house, they have to complain it to the owner. It becomes a difficult task for them to update the details of each and every person.

The owner is responsible to keep the record up-to-date by preparing a separate file for it. To reduce this effort, our team has designed a solution on Dynamics CRM that helps to maintain online records of the society members. CRM plays a significant role in the property management. It allows you to keep the past and present buyer’s record under one roof. Through CRM-

  • Solution manages all the home owners, associations, tenants of various properties in single platform
  • There is a web portal for each to log complains, check status and do payments
  • Unified Service Desk is integrated for Customer Care Executives, immediate action
  • L1, L2 and L3 escalation model for Support
  • Case creation can be done manually, email, phone call
  • Complete Case management process
  • Dashboards for various users in CRM as well as portal
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Financial service is a wealth management solution for planning money matters. Financial Services is aimed to help the Financial Advisors to plan Finances and Wealth of their clients. It is aimed to get present status, their future plan and how the money needs to flow. The solution is built on Dynamics CRM and prepares Statement of Advice for their clients. Through Financial Advisory CRM solution-

  • You may capture current status of the client through simple questionnaire
  • The future plan of the client, their vision and retirement planning is also captured
  • Complete details of family and their income and other inputs are taken with ease
  • Several calculations are run in the background
  • A 60 – 65 page Statement of Advise (SOA) is generated.
  • Besides this Customer data is maintained
  • Complete Sales cycle is managed with ease
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Telecommunication is the medium of exchange of information through telephones (wired or wireless), optical fibre, microwave communication, satellite, radio and television broadcasting. In telecommunication industry, a series of problems are faced by the workers eg. data problem, security and fraud. Our team at Soluzione developed software based on Microsoft Dynamic CRM and external Web Portal on Windows Azure that helps to deal with the problem. Our experts work to simplify, secure a centralize the information for an easy access. We help companies to increase their sales as the competitors are just click away.

  • Core CRM customization such as Entities, Workflow, and Plugins etc.
  • Extensive SSRS reports and dashboards
  • Configurable Web Services for S2S integrations
  • Windows Azure-based client portal
  • Increase sales
  • Expand business
  • Competitive analysis
  • Spread the information quickly and smoothly
  • Reduce the risk of missing and resolving the issues of the customers
  • Give the immediate feedback
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