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Microsoft Stack is comprised of ready-to-use business and user applications, and a wide variety of development\hosting platforms and tools such as Azure, MS SQL Server, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, .NET (ASP.NET, .NET Core, WCF, WPF, WWF, etc.), and more. Each of these elements holds distinct values and benefits catering to specific purposes, with all of them aimed at enhancing and streamlining your business processes, making them more efficient and effective. For projects of any nature, simple or complex, Microsoft Stack has a component perfectly suited to support your journey. With the assistance of a Microsoft Implementation Partner, organizations can strategically choose the most suitable components from MS Stack to address their specific business requirements. This approach ensures an optimal solution with tailor-fitted precision to align with their unique needs and objectives. Soluzione is a Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in developing and implementing Microsoft Stack-based IT Solutions that are product-based, partially\fully custom developed. We are here to assist you in finding the perfect solution matching your unique requirements. As Microsoft Implementation Partners, we offer a diverse range of techno\functional expertise to assist you in identifying and implementing the correct stack of technology. Our team of seasoned Microsoft Certified Professionals ensures that your business operations are optimized, fostering innovation, and generating significant business value.

Why Choose Us for Your Microsoft Stack Development Services ?

Join us on this journey of innovation and growth, fuelled by the capabilities of Microsoft.
  • We are driven by excellence and expertise, ready to take your application to the next level.
  • With our top-notch service quality and cutting-edge cloud computing, we bring forth new opportunities that enhance your business values.
  • We understand that all businesses and their needs are unique and thus we are here to craft custom products specifically for your success.
  • Our commitment to affordability and timely delivery ensures you get the best without compromise.
  • Our reach knows no bounds, with clients spanning the globe. This vastness has enriched us with invaluable experience in catering to diverse needs, making us well-equipped to handle any challenge.
  • We believe in a systematic, accountable, and goal-oriented approach that guarantees the best results. We also tackle all challenges swiftly to ensure your success never falters.

Our Microsoft Stack Development Services

Empower Your Business with Microsoft’s Powerful Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs.


Experience the power of .NET, a software development framework that enables the creation of complex, robust, and highly-effective applications with minimal coding efforts. To maximize its potential, Soluzione’s expert team in .NET offers tailored solutions for web, desktop, mobile, and console application development, ensuring clients stay ahead in the dynamic technological landscape and achieve their goals with excellence. 

Microsoft Cloud / Azure

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform, that empowers users to develop, enhance, and efficiently manage applications. To ensure that you do most of this comprehensive platform, Soluzione offers a wide array of cloud services, including Azure Integrated solutions, Azure applications consulting, development, and customization, among others, enabling clients to gain a competitive edge. 

Microsoft SQL

Enhance the features of Microsoft SQL Server, a renowned relational database management system (RDBMS), with Soluzione. Here, our seasoned professionals leverage Microsoft SQL Server’s capabilities, securing your data with advanced features like encryption and data masking. With us, you gain rapid application development, seamless integration, and enhanced data accessibility, security, storage, and management. 

Microsoft Power BI

Leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) to seamlessly transform raw data into data analysis strategies that align perfectly with your goals. At Soluzione, our data engineers use robust, process-driven tools and platforms to meticulously gather and process data to craft compelling, user-friendly reports, dynamic dashboards, and impactful data visualizations, all meticulously designed to empower your decision-making process

Power Apps

Soluzione’s teams of experts are here to help you in crafting custom applications using Microsoft Power Apps, which is an integrated suite of data platforms, services, and applications. With their technical skills and proficiency in low-code app development, as well as their use of Agile and DevOps methodology, our professionals make this approach quick, effective, simple, and cost-efficient. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a popular CRM solution and one of Soluzione’s core. Our professional team is well-equipped and skilled in delivering integrated D365 CRM services such as Consultation, Implementation, Support and Maintenance, Customization, and Add-ons. Our years of experience and diverse global experience can help you track customer trends, make informed decisions, and eventually unlock the full potential of your business.


To match your specific operational demands, we can help you in making the best use of SharePoint for better teamwork and collaboration. With the assistance of Soluzione’s Professionals, this web-based platform can be well-optimized in web application development, for responsive Cross-Platform, mobile-compatible, and cloud-focused secure apps. Additionally, we offer extended Support and Consultancy services. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Utilize the cutting-edge Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions from Soluzione to enhance your company’s productivity. Our expertly crafted solutions make use of UiPath’s proficiency in streamlining business processes, handling monotonous jobs with intelligent OCR, integrated NLP, and minimal maintenance requirements through deep learning techniques. We also use Power Automate’s transformative potential to deliver automated processes, seamless backend reporting, and more. 

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