Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Every business faces some challenges. To resolve such challenges you need unique solutions. Being a Microsoft certified CRM consultant “Soluzione IT Services” deliver a new experience to your customers by presenting MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM Solution which would be affordable for your business. We are here to deliver change in business processes & reduced risk with the proven combination of “Expertise & Technology”.

Customers are King and are Asset to your organization:

With CRM system, you can grow your business faster with reliability at the efficient level. Microsoft Dynamic CRM solution is itself a new age in this modern technology world. It is becoming dynamic on each release with additional functionality. It helps your business to achieve goals since such solutions are customer focused and your customers are the true asset of your business. We deliver custom solutions depending upon the requirements; we undertake implementations in various engagement models.

When it comes to business objectives, you must surround with these questions and our solutions are focused to solve these queries.

  • How to acquire new customers?
  • How to develop long-term value for customers.
  • How to optimize & monitor the cost of marketing, sales, and services & business processes.

On implementing CRM solution to your business, first, we ensure customer view then we optimize IT investments as well as we focus on reduction of implementation times. We move with right planning to manage each aspect of your customer by providing excellent customer service experiences. To make long-term customer relations, your services should be proactive, personalized and predictive across three levels i.e. Marketing, Sales as well as  Customer Service.

How Dynamic CRM helps your business activities around marketing, sales and customer services:

  • To turn leads into sales we offer communication-enabled business processes with 360-degree view on customer interaction as well as augment sales opportunities
  • Increase sales success by shortening your sales cycle and improve win rates for qualified lead and opportunity management.
  • Improved sales qualification via automated lead routing, sales process management and competitor tracking.
  • We automate sales activities to provide right leads and prospects.
  • You can automate your daily business activities so that you can focus on selling instead of managing data.
  • You can track sales activities & business workflow with CRM solution.
  • You can Integrate CRM solution with other applications to deliver fully scalable, customized business solution.
  • We are delivering business value since we integrate proper interaction & knowledge techniques to manage customer service.
  • We plan, implement, execute & measure several marketing campaigns across different channels.

Why Soluzione is the best CRM provider?

Our CRM Solution is a fully integrated dynamic Customer Relationship Management solution which is designed to help to different sizes of organizations. For every business, it is necessary to manage customer relationships across sales, marketing, and customer service areas. We are dedicated to finding new ways so that your clients would lead in their markets.

Call our specialist to know more about Dynamics 365 solution, whether you have customer centre, IT organization, educational institute or retail stores, we may assist you.