Latest Version of SolzEditor: Drag and Drop Email Designer for Dynamics 365

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HTML emails have been a pain area for Dynamics users. To overcome this issue, Soluzione developed SolzEditor, an advanced drag and drop Email Editor. After successfully working with the earlier versions of Dynamics CRM, SolzEditor is now upgraded to work with Dynamics 365. One of the main limitations in the previous versions was the inability to add dynamic CRM data fields to the email template directly. That was one of the primary reason why at the end of formatting, one had to open the template in the core CRM editor and then add the CRM fields.

This problem has been addressed in the most recent version. This latest version of SolzEditor allows one to select the CRM entity and add CRM attributes to the template natively. Let’s look at how you can add dynamics 365 entity attributes below.

  1. Go to HTML Email Template Editor and open an existing template say Case Escalation.
  2. As you can see the HTML template is loaded and editing area and much similar to how it is in the core CRM the dynamic fields are highlighted in yellow.
  3. You can see two new dropdown options, first one is Entity in which a list of related CRM entities is loaded. This list depends on the type of template i.e. is it an email template for Account or Contact or Case or Organization etc. As you can see below the “Case Escalation” template is based on Case entity and the related entities are loaded in the Entity dropdown.
  4. The second new dropdown is Attributes. Once you select a related CRM Entity, the applicable entity attributes are populated in the Attributes drop-down. You can see if Account entity is selected the Attributes dropdown has the attributes of account entity.
  5. Click on the place in email template where you want to insert the dynamic field i.e. attribute. Simply select the attribute and click Insert. The below example shows how we inserted the Account Owner at the end of email.
  6. If you open the template using “Open Template” you can see that the values we inserted are now inserted properly in the email template. Few things that can be improved in a future version is the default text condition and showing the display name of the attribute instead of logical name.If your business needs new expansion solutions, Soluzione can help to get more details, please contact us at [email protected]. You can try the new SolzEditor Drag and drop email builder from here –  Drag and Drop Email Builder for Dynamics 365