Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dashboards and Reporting

Dashboards are the visual presentation of the information. People do not need to analyse the whole data set to tell them what the matter is – the dashboard is just there for all the insights. Basically, dashboards are presented as list view, colour variant, Graphics, Pie Chart, etc. An interactive dashboard allows you to drill down and filter information so data can be viewed from different perceptions or in more detail. With an advanced and clear presentation of the business figures, dashboards enable data-driven company decisions. With the help of interactive dashboard features, such as drilldowns and advanced dashboard filters, viewers allow viewing the data or key figures from different angles and as granularly as necessary.  Dashboards are standard equipment in a CRM system. You probably have a dashboard from when you launched your CRM have several charts. As time goes by, you are going to want to modify or replace your charts and dashboards into an interactive dashboard.  CRM dashboard examples: – 
  • CRM KPI Dashboard 
  • CMO dashboard 
  • CRM Opportunity Dashboard
A CRM report is a management tool that offers all the needed data to improve your customer relationships. They usually present inside the CRM dashboards to connect your data in a way that will make your reports more interactive, focused, and efficient through automation. All reports read Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement data from filtered views that filter the data based on the user’s role. Reports only display that data that is running by the person who has permission to view it.  Fundamentals of CRM dashboards and reports: 
  1. Increased insight – CRM reporting software offers you full in-depth information of the inside data that is ultimately based on the need of the customer. 
  2. Better Decision-making – CRM reporting will help to get the quicker result based on the most interactive dashboard with better insight, that streamline your customer service operations.  
  3. More engagement – CRM dashboards and reporting allows you to easily manage the campaign result that is more engaging. From the campaign result dashboard, you can track the last interaction, non-direct click, among others. 
  4. Consistent performance – With the right CRM analysis report, you can keep building on your customer-facing activities consistently, improving your brand reputation while acquiring new customers.
  5. Maximum access & efficiency – With CRM reports, you can give the customer service tools into your company to easily access the data, from that your communication will improve, and productivity will increase also. 
  6. Innovation Impact – CRM reporting technologies offer you the real value of customer service that makes you just out of the box with your services. 
Conclusion:   We hope this blog helped you will gain a deep-dive insight into how your entire organization works efficiently to benefit your customers. Soluzione helps you by providing most interactive data dashboard for your specific needs, aims, and goals, you will get a panoramic view of your sales, marketing, customer service, and finance departments.  Below are a few blogs that can help you know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dashboards and Reporting:   
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