Accelerator Add-Ons for Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Add-Ons are sub-applications that can either be deployed\integrated into a D365 Environment or can be set to work with D365 to provide new\enhanced capabilities on top of the default\existing features of Dynamics. 

What is the purpose of Dynamics Add-Ons? 

By default, Dynamics 365 provides a wide range of features but D365 being a ‘Product’, these features are generic in nature and often need to be altered\extended to make them function in-line with the needs of a particular organization\business\user. Based on the nature of alterations required, some changes can be achieved by customizing a D365 Environment directly while many can be achieved simply by incorporating the appropriate Add-On into the system. 

Some of the popular Add-Ons used by many Dynamics users is Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, etc. which are readily available on Microsoft AppSource. 

Soluzione Productivity Accelerator Add-Ons for Dynamics 365 

Microsoft’s Gold Partner Soluzione provides a wide range of Productivity Accelerator Add-Ons that are designed to help Dynamics Users to improve their Dynamics 365 User Experience and overall Productivity. 

Here, some of the most popular Add-Ons include: 

  • HTML Email Editor 
  • KANBAN Board 
  • Activity Timeline 
  • Report Scheduler 
  • SharePoint Metadata Capture 
  • Auto-Couter 
  • Accounting Connectors (for XERO, MYOB, and QuickBooks)  

HTML Email Editor 

HTML Email EditorDefault email editor of Dynamics 365 only allows usage of some of its core Entities and with even fewer options while designing the email’s layout. Soluzione’s HTML Email Editor alleviates these limitations allowing users to design beautiful email templates. 
This Plug-and-Play Add-On works seamlessly with the latest version of Dynamics 365 and provides user friendly features like Drag and Drop and usage of local files in email template builder, along with a more diverse range of automation controls through usage of default and custom entities.
To know more about it, visit: 

KANBAN Board  

KANBAN BoardThe term “KanBan” is a combination of 2 Japanese words “Kan” which means “Sign” and “Ban” which means “Board”. This centuries old concept was introduced industrially by Toyota way back in 1940’s through usage in their LEAN Manufacturing Model. 
With time, KanBan has been adopted across virtually all industries and domains as a powerful tool for fluid tracking and management of different activities. Now, Microsoft also provides a basic Kanban Board for Dynamics 365, but Soluzione’s KanBan Board (which has been in presence from before the default one) provides the most flexible KanBan interface which can be used across both default and custom entities, support custom swim-lanes and even facilitates business automation directly from the user interface. To know more about it, visit: 

Activity Timeline  

Activity TimelineActivity Timeline is one of the most useful features of Dynamics 365 for clear      visibility in business activities but in default state the traceability of this feature is limited to a small set of activities. With Soluzione’s Activity Timeline Add-On, those limitation are removed  
And the User Experience is further enhanced with options to use custom colours, icons, etc.
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Report Scheduler 

Report SchedulerDynamics 365 comes with a powerful report generation mechanism, but unfortunately these reports (especially the recurring ones) require repeated manual intervention, but Soluzione’s Report Scheduler gives the generate reports automatically on regular intervals  
Without any manual\user action. For further automation, this Add-On also provides the ability to have the auto-generated reports delivered as attachment to the intended mailboxes automatically.
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SharePoint Metadata Capture 

SharePoint Metadata
Microsoft provides a seamless integration of Dynamics with SharePoint out-of-the-box, but it provides limited room for logic-based automation, but with Soluzione’s SharePoint Metadata Capture Add-On (which is designed as an extension of the default integration 
to ensure fluid connectivity), documents management can be automated at a granular level with the ability to use complex logic through document metadata.
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Accounting Connectors (for XERO, MYOB, and QuickBooks) 

Accounting ConnectorsMany organizations using Dynamics 365 often choose to keep their accounting related activities on a different platform. But in such cases, an unnecessary overhead is faced for maintaining data-integrity between CRM\Sales and Accounting departments.  
To remove this overhead, Soluzione provides Accounting Connectors for XERO, MYOB & QuickBooks that allows bi-directional data-interchange between Dynamics and Accounting System seamlessly in a secure yet traceable way.
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