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How much time do you spend every time creating same report every week, month, quarter ?
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Analytical and detailed Reports are a key feature of Dynamics for Business Intelligence & Insight that provides visibility into actual progress.

In almost all businesses, a common requirement is to have reports generated regularly on a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual basis… but unfortunately, this is a major shortcoming of D365 that even when the report structure\layout is pre-set (remains unchanged), the process of generating the report need to be executed manually every time since there is no mechanism for their auto-generation.

This manual process causes unnecessary human labor and the possibility of missing out on having them delivered on time.

Soluzione has prepared a Permanent Solution for this problem with its Report Scheduling Automation Add-On that not only gives D365 the ability to generate reports automatically on the desired frequency\intervals but also goes ahead and facilitates full automation by having those reports auto-delivered as attachment to email auto-generated via D365.

This Add-On works equally well in generating reports for both out-of-box system reports and custom-built purpose-suited ones and on top of this, it also accommodates the ability to publish reports into desired format like PDF, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and other supported file formats directly within D365 that can be securely placed as email attachments.

This simple yet effective Productivity Accelerator ensures that all Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual Reports get delivered to the intended recipients on-time, every-time with absolutely no misses or mistakes! By design, this Add-On utilizes D365’s in-built Reporting Engine making it lightweight and highly-compatible with both default and highly customized D365 environments while allowing Graphical and Detailed information to be captured into the report taking full advantage of the D365’s Business Intelligence Capabilities for processing data present in its default and custom entities.

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Auto Generate Reports
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Diana Qian

We were looking for a report scheduler add-on that is cost effective, easy to use and works seamlessly with our CRM. We were glad to come across Soluzione which ticked all the boxes for us. We have formed a strong partnership over the last three years. They provide quality technical expertise combined with responsive customer service. Our business needs have evolved over time and Soluzione has continued to come up with technical solutions to meet our requirements. We are very happy with the report scheduler app and highly recommend it to anyone who needs an excellent product.

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