Boost work efficiency to next level with Interactive Kanban Board

Experience all the difference in your CRM with the Soluzione’s Kanban board for Dynamics CRM. Increase Dynamics CRM adoption and boost productivity by visualization your processes.

Kanban Board Agile offers you a wide-ranging intuitive view of your CRM entities and business process with the different color schemes. Kanban board not only is highly visually appealing but provides a whole lot of insight into your organizational workflow.

Interactive View

Kanban board provides an interactive horizontal swimlane view of your business processes or record statuses. Each lane visually depicts work at various stages of a process using cards. Each stage is uniquely colored so that you can users can quickly identify each stage.

Drag and Drop

Now no more long procedures of opening the record and then acting on it, you can simply drag and drop the records to change the status or process stage of the record. Calculates the record count in each stage and aggregate values dynamically on the fly.

Flexible and Customizable

Highly flexible solution that works with both CRM business process and Status Reason, out of box system entities and custom entity. It allows you to configure the data you want to view on the Kanban card. Works for both standard web and new unified interface.

Kanban Board for Dynamics 365
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