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What is Microsoft Power Platform ?

Power Platform offer a set of Microsoft’s no-code/low-code tools to build cost-effective and end-to-end business solutions. It is intended to bridge the gap between business users and the Microsoft (or other) technology interfaces that they use through a simplified low\no coding design model for process automation, data analysis, and more. The system combines Hyper Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Mixed Reality to automate business processes, improve data insight, and connect integral systems. Power Platform is primarily made up of five independent components: Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate (RPA), and Power Virtual Agents, all of which commonly use Microsoft Data Services, AI Builder, and Microsoft Azure Data Connectors: 


Power Apps Development

Enhance speed, efficiency, and transparency of the business processes. Using the Power Platform and a low-code approach, we help you create custom business applications in days and connect them to any data source in Microsoft data verse. Also, get licenced Power Platform maintenance & support for your Power Apps, Including frontend, backend, and middleware support from experts.

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Power BI Development

Turn your big data into insightful reports with interactive drag-and-drop Power BI dashboards, to drive a data culture and improve your decision-making process.  Additionally, enjoy the Power Platform maintenance and support services from Power BI experts throughout the entire Power BI deployment process.

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Power Automate

Implement automation and seamless integration with Microsoft products and technologies. With powerful applications designed to automate processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs.  Through our Pay-As-You-Go consulting options, we can help you with all your consulting, customisation, and support needs in real-time. 

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Power Virtual Agent Development

Drive seamless, carefree, automated communication with your customers and employees.  Build custom, self-service chatbots with or without coding to quickly respond questions, requests, and complaints for an absolute user experience.  Plus avail our Power Platform development and maintenance services at a single platform for all your Power Platform needs.  

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Power Pages Development

Create professional website in hours with expert Power Pages web developers. We offer feature-rich, ready-to-use templates and custom design features to help you create an engaging site experience.

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Microsoft Power Platform Services

Leverage the broad applied knowledge of the Best Power Platform Consultants to digitally transform your business. In our Gold Partnership with Microsoft, technology experts at Soluzione offer custom technology solutions based on Microsoft’s Power Platform.  We help businesses with custom business app development and consulting on Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, Data verse that innovate & streamline their day-to-day operations. 

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Bringing all of your business processes to a single platform


Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps allows of rapid development of applications with or even without a single line of code. Apps created within Power Apps are device-agnostic, low code business applications that save time and money. Even with its minimalist code layout, it can accommodate complex business logics with ease. PowerApps are mainly of 2 types: Model-driven & Canvas, which can be customized to work across a diverse range of data sources and are highly customizable.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI facilitates the creation of interactive, insightful, and real-time dashboards with a set of analytical patterns that connect and consolidate data (stored in almost any source). The beautiful graphs created with Power BI come with additional abilities to slice & dice the data further through its advanced filters and other querying capabilities, which truly empower well informed, facts-based business decisions to be made.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

Power Virtual Agents is an easy-to-use, customizable, no-code chatbots that facilitate intelligent communication capabilities without needing manual involvement. In its most basic state, Power Virtual Agents can be used for standard FAQ, and with relative ease, the same bot can be equipped to handle advanced queries and tasks like form submission, etc.


Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that offers advanced, easy to use tools to facilitate end-to-end business process automation within Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications. Using Power Automate allows you to replace repetitive manual tasks with intelligent automation for a fuller, more intelligent, and automated experience with purpose suited workflows, strong data connectivity, and built-in integrated platforms.


Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages is a secure, enterprise class, SaaS-based low-code platform for designing, hosting, and managing websites, while enjoying full integration with other Power Platform tools. It is built upon Power Apps Portal’s functionalities, with additional features for creating an all-inclusive environment for engaging site building experience for Power Platform users.

Whom is Microsoft Power Platform for ?

Typically, Microsoft Power Platform is for organizations using any of the services belonging to the Microsoft Platform, like Microsoft 365 \ Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure, etc. Although organizations using other platforms like Google Business, etc. can also use it with the same ease, but as a general practice, each platform comes with its own set of connectors, accelerators, etc.  

In either case, Power Platform is useful whenever there is a need to extend or automate the functionality of an application, establish connectivity \ data interchange between different apps or data sources, or perform data analytics. Most importantly, this platform is not a “developers only” zone, meaning that business users can create application forms, graphical dashboards, and automation workflows with ease. 

So, the simple answer to “Who is Microsoft Power Platform for?” is “It is for anyone and everyone”.

Microsoft power-plateform

Architecture of Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform components can be used independently or can be used as the interwinding means for connecting\utilizing other custom\standalone apps or Microsoft apps based on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and\or Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

Why Choose Soluzione As Your MS Power Platform Consultant ?

Solution IT Services is a Microsoft Gold Partner, with 11+ years of experience providing Microsoft Dynamics 365 services. Microsoft experts from our team have helped organizations from several verticals become more productive at very low costs.  We are a well-authorized Power Platform partner for implementation, customization, and support solutionsPower Platforms experts at Soluzione follow a valiant methodology that is focused on providing quality services with a designed approach that not only builds a sustainable and secure solution, but also fosters scalability and innovation for the client!  We strive to meet the challenges of complex projects. To Know more about how our MS Power Platform consultants can help you!   

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