Power BI expertise from Soluzione IT Services

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In today’s dynamic world, the focus of all businesses is to consolidate their business data and get a reporting system which as dynamic as they are. They almost need a living data. With Microsoft’s Power BI, you now have the power to see your data in the best of formats, as quickly as you need and slice-dice it as you like.

Soluzione Inc is now uniquely positioned to provide you with wide-ranging Power BI Consulting services. We have now the necessary capability at loading data into Power BI from your Dynamics 365 CRM environment or any of the other variety of data sources, designing dashboards, providing best practices, and giving guidance concerning your master data management, data governance, and cloud strategies.

  • Our Power BI dashboards render much faster than BIs built with traditional style. We build them such that your Power BI solution is more accessible for other uses such and self-service analytics.
  • We have pre-developed lots of proprietary industry and department dashboards. This allows us to rollout speedy implementations.
  • All of our Power BI dashboards are designed to provide you with actionable information that is rich in context.

Here are some pointers and key facts about Power BI:

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights.

Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view of business operators with their most significant metrics in one place, updated in real time, and accessible on all of their devices.

With one click, users can explore the data behind their dashboard using intuitive tools that make finding answers easy.Creating a dashboard in Power BI is very easy, thanks to connectors for popular business applications, complemented with pre-built dashboards to help you get up and running quickly. And you can access your data and reports from anywhere with the Power BI Mobile app, which updates automatically with any changes to your data.

You can combine data from disparate databases, files, and web development services with visual tools that help you understand and fix data quality and formatting issues automatically. With over 20 built-in visuals and a vibrant community of custom visualizations, create stunning reports that communicate your message effectively. You can publish reports securely to an organization and set up automatic data refresh so everyone has the latest information.

Power BI can unify all of your organization’s data, whether in the cloud or online. Using the Power BI gateway, you can connect SQL Server databases, Analysis Services models, and many other data sources to your same dashboards in Power BI.

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