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Best IT Solution For Your Business

At its root, every IT Solution is comprised of 3 Fundamental Layers: Data Layer, Business Layer and Presentation Layer 

A software can be comprised of different combinations of components\programs which fulfil the role of these layers. 

A wide range of software are available for being used to fulfil the role a specific software in an IT Solution, like the MS SQL Server for Data, JavaScript for Presentation, etc

How to identify the Best IT Solution for your Business?

A wide variety of “Ready to Use” IT Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Tally Prime, Oracle eBusiness Suite, etc. are available for businesses of all sizes and industrial domains to simply procure\subscribe and start using in an “As Is” state from Day#1 and of-course there is always an option to have an IT Solution developed “Grounds-Up” for a particular organization. However, there is no direct single answer to the question ‘Which IT Solution is Best’ since the requirements and limitations of each organization are distinct if not unique.

So, the best way to determine the best suited IT Solution for your business is to ask these questions:

  • Which all Services\Functionalities do I need my IT Solution to deliver ?
  • What are my Financial, Security, Timeline and Compliance Boundaries ?
  • Is a “Ready to Use” software available meeting these Functional & Financial criteria ?

Finding the answer to these questions often leads to the final question on whether to go with:

  • Product based (Ready-Made) Solution
  • Fully Custom (Developed) Solution
  • Hybrid (combination of Product-based and Custom) Solution
how to idnetify

Soluzione as your Best IT Solution Provider

Soluzione strives to deliver ‘absolute solution for your business’ by first assisting in identifying the technology-stack that best suits the Functional, Budget and other needs of a business and then developing, delivering and providing the required techno-functional supporting for it. For Product-based Solutions, we specialize in Microsoft Business Applications which includes Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, Microsoft 365 (SharePoint, Office, etc.), UI-Path while For Fully Custom Solutions, we specialize in Microsoft-Stack and MEAN-Stack.
Synergizing these specializations, we have delivered multiple Hybrid IT Solutions where we combined Ready-Made Software like Dynamics 365 CRM (in both native and customized state) to work seamlessly with custom Portals, desktop & mobile applications to strike the perfect balance of high performance and cost effectiveness.

Product-based & Custom Development service

Soluzione Products

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Distribution Desk

Cloud-based Mobile Compatible App for streamlining Leaflet Distributors with modules for Orders, Jobs, Invoice, Payrolls & more .


PowerApps based End-2-End Solution for Insurance Providers, Agencies, Brokers, Carriers, Underwriters & Client to work in unison.


Ease-2-Use, yet Secure Solution for Managing Clinic Governance for Patients, Clinical Staff, Medical History & Appointment, etc.


D365 solution to manage all Processes and Compliance Needs of RTO industry with features for Attendance, Curriculum Mgmt, etc.


D365 based End-2-End Solution for Insurance Providers, Agencies, Brokers, Carriers, Underwriters & Client to work in unison.


Frugal, Fluid & Flexible CRM for all businesses with full Sales, Support & other Customer modules without added license costs .

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