For Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.0/2011/2013/2015/2016/ Dynamics365 one of the major challenges faced by developers is generating Auto numbers on various entities. To overcome this, Soluzione IT services Microsoft Gold Partner releases “Solz Auto Counter”

solution to automate the process of adding counters to the CRM entities. It allows the user to configure counter for default as well as custom entities. Here, you can put any prefix, suffix, counter zero padding and specified date formats with Auto numbering. You can set the initial value of the counter and its incremental value as well. At any point in time, it can be activated or deactivated. You can also provide Security Role as per the user access in Dynamics CRM, it can be Read Only or Admin Access.

One can configure the Auto counter for Dynamics 365 as per the example is given below.

1. Install/import the SolzAutoCounter solution in Dynamics 365 by importing the managed solution. Make sure that you tick the “Enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution” option under “Post Import Actions” when importing the solution.

2. After the solution is successfully installed, you should have SolzAutoCounter in your solutions as shown below.

Auto Counter Solutin

3. Clicking on the Auto Counter to navigate the sub-grid.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

4. Create a new auto counter record to configure the counter settings.

Soluzione IT Services

5. Go to Account entity and create a new record and save

Dynamics 365

Key Features

  • It allows user to use the auto counter in Microsoft dynamics 365 online or on-premises versions.
  • It allows user to configure the counter for Microsoft dynamics 365 default as well as custom entities
  • Quick create to set auto counter for any entity.

Soluzione Dynamics

You can use the following date formats to add as prefix or suffix of the counter

  • Use format “[d]” to Return only date
  • Use format “[m]” to Return only month
  • Use format “[y]” to Return only year
  • Use format “[ddd]” to Return Day First Three Letters
  • Use format “[dddd]” to Return Day Name
  • Use format “[mm]” to Return Month Number In Integer
  • Use format “[mmm]” to Return Month First Three Alphabets
  • Use format “[mmmm]” to Return Month Name
  • Use format “[y]” to Return Year Last Value
  • Use format “[yy]” to Return Year Last Two Value
  • Use format “[yy]” to Return Year Last Three Value
  • Use format “[yyyy]” to Return Year Last Four Value
  • Use format “[yyyyy]” to Return Year Last Five Value Activate or deactivate counter at any time easily. This will activate or deactivate when the auto counter record is set to activate or deactivated status.Autocounter Soluzione

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Soluzione is Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and expert in MS Dynamics 365. We are continuously delivering high quality solutions to various industries and are experts in Microsoft Stack. We also offer Application Development using Open Source Technologies. In addition, we also provide Digital Marketing Services.



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