7 steps to enhance the appearance of your WordPress website

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When browsing websites online, we can be both inspired and frustrated at the same time. We might wonder how some websites can achieve such beautiful designs and advanced features. Their dynamic home page designs on display may seem like daydreams. 

A lot goes into creating and running an online business. It may be easy to start and build a website but making it sustainable over time is more challenging.  

Fortunately, WordPress is here to save the day.

WordPress is the most popular content management system and building WordPress websites is among the best way to get started with your online business. However, your site should be carefully planned and well thought out regarding many factors that can enhance its appearance. 

Since, despite all the extensive efforts that teams or individuals invest in developing WordPress websites, there is still a lack of user-friendly website design and a smooth website browsing experience for visitors.  

If getting online is a greater deal for you, hold on tight. We are about to guide you through the 7 steps to enhance your “WordPress Site Appearance”, that you have always dreamed of implementing. (But you probably aren’t.) 

Let’s find out what and how!

Table of Contents
1. Choose a customizable WordPress theme

Having a crisp website is crucial and is easy to build, making WordPress website development both cost efficient and effective. There is more to do with advanced features, but just have your basics right.   

When you first install WordPress, you get a pre-installed theme or template. The default editor, “Gutenberg,” can provide a great look and feel to your website. It offers hundreds of WordPress plugins for free, but people still may lack the appropriate user-friendly design and a smooth website browsing experience for visitors.  

Since there are limitations in the default editor, you can choose whether you want to stick with the default theme and edit or customize it as per your visitor behaviour. As an added option, you can use a third-party page builder for WordPress that comes in free and premium versions. Ex. Elimentor or WP Bakery, etc. 

2.Build a Custom Homepage 

Just like the pre-installed theme, WordPress provides you with a default homepage as well. In contrast with what you wanted; the pre-installed homepage may be basic in design and capabilities. 

In WordPress, you can make sure your homepage is the best impression by customizing it. A custom home page lets you choose what you want to display on the page where a visitor lands first while making the browsing experience more personalized and engaging for him. Additionally, this allows you to perform advance customizations to home page with simple drag and drop features and also through, PHP code. 

3. Try Smart Live Chat & AI Chatbots

Chatbots plugins would be a great addition to your website appearance as well. To effectively attract and engage your site visitors, automatically capture leads, etc. Adding Chatbots to your website will also enable you to respond to questions easily and quickly from customers, website visitors, and users. Chatbot for WordPress is a simple-to-use chatbot for online businesses. That can provide lead generation and customer support templates to add AI chat capabilities. 

4. Add to the appeal of your site with Menus and Widgets

Using customized Menus and widgets to extend the capabilities and appearance of a website, is most popular among the WordPress community and digital services providers. As they provide features that are not easy to find in the default editor. At best they allow you to make changes to predefined WordPress themes, with the control of what you want to display and where.  

However, the default menu and widget strategies are powerful and easy to use with drag and drop features. Using customized menus will enable you to have additional features such as categorizing mega menu, side menu and navigation bar in your default content display options. While widgets can widely use to enhance the appeal of contact forms, footer, and banners in ecommerce website.  

5. Use plugins to enhance Website Performance

While changing the appearance of your site is not limited to just choosing a suitable theme, trying some new plugins can put you on the frontline of trends. Using plugins will be more effective in cases where the webpage has long-form content, posts with multiple images.  

Plugins can offer features that can improve the appearance and usability of your site. Offering users, a seamless, secure, and engaging browsing experience with addition visual features. For e-commerce sites plugins can be most effective way to attract visitors with advanced compare and filer and flexible payment options and more.  

6.Customize your navigation bar 

Customizing your navigation bar as per your visitor behaviour is the best way to enhance the usability of a WordPress site. After all, you want to make it as seamless and easy as possible for your visitors, to navigate to your primary pages. Moreover, when a visitor hovers over one of the parent tabs, you can create a beautiful sub-menu that can appear as drop-down items. A well-organized navigation system makes your site user-friendly, to engage visitors and increase page views and conversions.  

Website footer is often the most neglected element of a website. Most WordPress users not being aware of the available customizations for footers, usually settled with the default “Proudly powered by WordPress”.  

A custom footer displays your brand’s identity and makes your site seem professional more effectively. WordPress allows you to link to site pages using the footer, thereby avoiding a crowded primary menu. You can also include company information, privacy policies, and terms & conditions to make it more attractive. 

Final note

There can be a number of reasons why WordPress has become the most dominant website platform. It’s easy to use and flexible enough to make different types of websites for users with now less technical knowledge.  

Following these steps will significantly enhance your website’s appearance and simplify your job. Increase your brand trust among visitors and improve the view and feel of the website. Consequently, your website will attract more visitors as it reflects your company’s mission and brand credibility at best.  

What’s next

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