Dynamics CRM for Financial Advisors

Personal connect is at the core of any financial advisory practice and directly impact the growth of your firm. The flip side is that as you grow it also becomes extremely difficult to maintain personal relationships with each client. This is where CRM comes to rescue and can address these issues while empowering financial advisors to scale their business. CRM system is one of the best ways to improve a firms’ ability to connect with customers.
Dynamics 365 for Financial Services enhances and enriches the client experience. It helps to boost the efficiency and simplify your day to day work. Dynamics CRM helps individual advisors, and advisory firms to take the customer engagement and automation to the next level while increasing the productivity.
Dynamics 365 can leverage your financial services in several ways:

  • Account and Contact Management: Manage customer’s (account) and contact information in a single place with the easy-to-view layout. Data can be viewed at the right places enhancing the productivity multiple folds. Multiple staff members can collaborate and track information for the customer effectively.
  • Activity Management: Dynamics CRM provides you with comprehensive activity management capabilities. Activities are used to record a specific type of communication, as well as the subject, time and details of that communication. Activities are actions such as emails, phone calls, meetings, appointments etc. Using activities helps you and your organization understand all of the communication your organization has had with each customer or prospective customer.
  • Sales Management: Dynamics CRM allows you to manage leads and opportunities with ease. You can capture and define your lead stages, qualify them for opportunities, auto assign leads to your team, track activities and close more deals. CRM allows you to use multiple criteria to segment clients and work with them accordingly.
  • Financial Planning Questionnaire: You can Send financial planning questionnaire (FPQ) as a link to your new or existing customers. Customers can fill the data on any device in a simple wizard-like form. They can save & exit the FPQ at any point and come back to the same step to continue providing the data.
  • Financial Data: Dynamics CRM is one of the very few CRM platforms that can be extended to suit your requirements. Being a CRM at heart you could easily extend Dynamics CRM based solution to capture financial such as Assets and Liabilities, Cash Flow, Existing and Recommended Insurance, Existing and Recommended Investments etc.
  • Task Management: Many processes are routine and have well-defined tasks. Dynamics CRM allows you to create or automate such regular tasks by assigning tasks with deadlines to an individual or team owners e.g. Customer On-Boarding etc.
  • Automated Workflows: Automate background processes to gain efficiencies. When a certain event occurs, you can set up an automated workflow like send birthday greetings to existing customers on their birthday or send a reminder email to the prospective new client with details of the meeting etc.
  • Document Management: Manage all your documents, note and any other attachments with ease in Dynamics CRM using the native notes attachment capability. Documents can also be stored in industry-leading document management systems like SharePoint or OneDrive.
  • Advanced Security: Being into financial industry security is of utmost importance, Dynamics CRM provides role-based, hierarchy-based and even field level security. When you start using a solution that your organization is going to heavily depend on then you also need a way to track what happened with the data and who changed it and when. The CRM can allow you to track these changes for analysis, reporting and data audit purposes.
  • Dashboard and Adhoc Reporting: BI and Analytics is the future of CRM. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers you customizable dashboards, powerful reports, and support for Power BI. It delivers comprehensive business information and user-friendly visualizations. Dynamics CRM enables people with various business functions to have dashboards and reports customized to their roles. Mid-level managers can have transaction reports and dashboards while the top management can have dashboards providing an overall view of the system.

A key to successful reporting is “Adhoc Reports/Queries” that will enable the user to generate data and reports based on their own criteria.

  • Mobile Access: All of the above is useful when all (or most of the above) features are available to associates on a mobile device while on the field. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be accessed over the web, tablets and on mobile (iPhone, Android) giving user complete flexibility.

Grow your organisation with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 solution to boost advisor productivity, improve customer engagement in a cost-effective manner.
Soluzione offers  a customer-centric tailored approach for financial advisor/planners to transform the business process using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In case of any query Feel free to reach out us at [email protected]. We can help you accomplish a simple yet comprehensive CRM solution.