CRM for Lawyers & Legal Firms

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth.
To be competitive today, Lawyers and legal firms must meet the expectations of both their customers and their shareholders, who expect constantly improving levels of service & engagement. The client relationship is key to any law firm and CRM provides you with a single place to manage your client relationship. CRM system is one of the best ways to improve a firms’ ability to connect with customers.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading industry CRM solutions that can truly help individual lawyers & solicitors, and legal firms to take the customer engagement and automation to the next level while increasing your productivity and efficiency too.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM system can assist your organization in multiple ways by:

  • Lead Tracking: Capture and define your Lead stages, qualify them, Auto assign leads to your team, track activities and close more deals. CRM allows you to use multiple criteria to segment clients and work with them accordingly.
  • Client Intake: Improve and streamline client intake process making it simple and easy process that your clients will love.
  • Comprehensive Account Management: Manage customers and contacts information in a single place. Multiple staff members can collaborate and track information for the accounts effectively.
  • Activity Management: Dynamics CRM provides you with comprehensive activity management capabilities. Activities are used to record a specific type of communication, as well as the subject, time and details of that communication. Activities are actions such as emails, phone calls, meetings, appointments etc. Using activities helps you and your organization understand all of the communication your organization has had with each customer or prospective customer
  • Time tracking and Invoicing: Most of the lawyers lose legitimate billing hours because of the proper billable time tracking system. Dynamics CRM system can help you track customer time and expense categorize them into billable and non-billable, eventually allowing you to generate invoices for billable time to end customer.
  • Automate Case Management: Manage all your case data in a single place. Assign case ownership and track case progress with SLA and have reminders for important dates and events
  • Document Management: Legal out of all the industry has a lot of paperwork and documents. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with a native document management capability and is able to seamlessly extend to a dedicated document management tools like Microsoft SharePoint Online.
  • Mobile Access: All of the above is useful when all (or most of the above) features are available to associates on a mobile device while on the field. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be accessed over the web, tablets and on mobile (iPhone, Android) giving user complete flexibility.
  • Dashboard and Adhoc Reporting: BI and Analytics is the future of CRM. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers you customizable dashboards, powerful reports, and support for Power BI. It delivers comprehensive business information and user-friendly visualizations. Dynamics CRM enables people with various business functions to have dashboards and reports customized to their roles. Mid-level managers can have transaction reports and dashboards while the top management can have dashboards providing an overall view of the system.A key to successful reporting is “Adhoc Reports/Queries” that will enable the user to generate data and reports based on their own criteria.
  • Data Audits: When you start using a solution that your organization is going to heavily depend on then you also need a way to track what happened with the data and who changed it and when. The CRM can allow you to track these changes for analysis, reporting and data audit purposes.
  • Works the way you work: Getting everyone in your company on board to use CRM can be a challenge, but having something easy and the solution works with what your associates know can be icing on the cake. CRM solutions can work and integrate deep into Microsoft Office and Outlook which your associates can easily adapt.

Microsoft Dynamics CRAM 365 can boost legal productivity, improve customer engagement and help you grow in a cost-effective manner.
Soluzione has enabled customers to transform their business processes using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. Feel free to have to reach out to us at [email protected] to know we can help you accomplish a simple yet comprehensive CRM solution.