What is Dynamics Portal and Why you should have it?

An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web Portals

Empower your system with Microsoft capabilities. Extend your reach to readily accessible approach to desktop and mobile with Dynamics 365 Portals. With these portals you can extend your channels even to the non-CRM users.
To help you have your own dynamics portal we’ve shared some fundamentals, benefits, customization information with some examples in our post below. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Soluzione can help you to have your own Dynamics Portal or in integrating the portals in your system. You can find a free trial on this link for your organisation.

Your Business Already have a website, then why you need Web portals for your Dynamics 365?

If your business has a website, it is great way to show your global presence and to gain trust and authority for your audience. But, in this competitive world it is not enough, and if you want more than just a lead generation system, Dynamics 365 web portals is the best option for you. With the portals you can leverage not only our customers, but your partners, employees and all your system users too.
Your web presence gets extended more than from home page, and with these portals you can blend your business to open new opportunities.

Portals are for Everyone: Dynamics 365 Portal types

Dynamics 365 brings up a solution that satisfies everyone needs. Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 Portals that have self-service portal solution for everyone in your entire system.
Customer Self-Service Portal: Get the power of Dynamics 365 web portals to give your customers an astonishing experience. Customer Self-Service portal is a great way to extend and improve your service quality by easily approachable reach of CRM where customers can log their issues, find solutions and update information.
Customer Self Service Portal

Employee Self-Service Portal: Get the most out of the least, now your employees will be more productive as your employees can save time with better outcome and you can track them in real time with their jobs. ESS portals is a knowledge management tool based on Knowledge base feature of Dynamics CRM Customer Service.
Partner Portal: Is there any partner in your business? Start capturing real-time metrics and sales channel data from your partners and let your partner create, manage, collaborate on their own opportunities empowering them to make better and faster decision that help you and them in rich strategic planning.
Community Portal: Want to showcase your products to your customers or to your prospects then you need a Community portal by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Through this portal you can showcase your products and discuss about them, get feedback and you can also use Community portal to draft and host blog post.
Custom Portal: Get your own Microsoft Dynamics portals that exact fits your requirement. with these portals you can get the power of all the portals. You can collaborate functionality of different portals. Dynamics 365 Custom portal is highly extensible and customizable that best fits in all your needs.
Custom Portal Dynamics 365

Empower your System with Dynamics 365 Web Portals

Benefit your organisation with the power of Microsoft CRM. With Dynamics portals you can give your organisation a digital transformation. Portals are the central hub of the organisation from where you can sync simultaneously to internal and external team members of your organisation.

The Benefits of CRM Portals are:

1) Easy Portal Access: You can offer a self-service portal to your customers, employees and partners where they can access the data that are relevant to them. With the portals you can simultaneously update the information of your entire team.
2) No more wait: For any organisation customers are its priority and if you make your customers wait a long then you may lose your prospects. With the help of the portals there is no longer wait, they can directly visit the portal where they can view your products, ask their queries and give feedback about your products and services.
3) All under single roof: It does not matter that you are a CRM user or not. You can perform all the activities using your CRM Portal. You can update the products, customer information, make people aware by posting blogs through your portals and even you can also allow your customers to pay bills, purchase products, download their invoices with their own portal access.
4) Easy tracking: Whenever payments are made, each transaction leaves an audit trail in Dynamics 365 by the help of which there is no need to have a manual entry of each transaction. Transactional processing errors also get reduced with the help of the Dynamics portals.
5) Highly Secured: Whenever it comes to the payment, the security is the primary concern, but portals are secured platform for you for making payments to your partners or receiving payments from your customers. Even your customers can be relaxed as they can access their personal or sensitive data within their portals without any security issue.
6) Extend your reach: Your Portals can be interactive. Portal is the place from where you can entertain all your audience. This is the platform where you can share ideas or discuss solutions to products or the application related issues. From the portals you can also share knowledge base product videos or instruction manuals.
7) Professional User Interface: CRM portals provide a unified and standard user interface which helps user access all the features in the easy way. It allows flexibility to customize as per your business requirement e.g. Matching with your business theme, logo etc.
From years, MS Dynamics CRM is known for its versatility and scalability, and now latest Dynamics 365 is the part of Dynamics CRM that offers advantage of the latest feature to develop interactive portals, that increases customer engagement and enhance relationships.
Among all, Microsoft is your complete business solution and with its latest product Dynamics 365 which is a unified version of CRM and ERP solutions.
Dynamics 365 offers three pre-build portals namely: Community portal, Partner Portal and Employee Self-service Portal. These portals are pre-configured and help you to have the portals with the basic functionalities
If your requirement differs from what they offer, or you do not need the pre-installed portal options then you can Contact Us and we can help you with the Microsoft Dynamics Portals that suits your exact business needs.