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Automate your Business Marketing with Dynamics 365 CRM

The heart of any business lies in its marketing, success lies in the heartbeat of a business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a vital tool for creating and allocating marketing communication for your customers and potential customers. It works strategically which helps you in future decision making where all marketing efforts and results are captured and analyzed significantly. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed as a closed-loop marketing system, that allows you to create and track all activities of your campaigns. It also gathers data for better analysis. There are interactive dashboards for a completely comprehensive view. It also provides a liability to connect with social media.

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Reasons To Choose Dynamics CRM Portals
  • Gives more engagement: Dynamics CRM Web Portals give more access to the user it may be the customer, employee, partner or community members which gives engagement and satisfaction to the user.
  • Self Service Access: In Dynamics, there are advanced customizations to pull in content from the existing Dynamics 365 data to give the user self-service access to what is needed in Dynamics 365 Portals.
  • Provides Multilingual Support: Dynamics CRM Portals support 48 languages and out of those 48 languages the user can choose their own language and are able to access multiple languages.
Customer Self Service Portal in Solzit

Customer Self-service Portals: With the new portal capabilities in Dynamics 365 customers web experience can be totally transformed using a customer self-service portal. It helps to deliver exceptional customer service which increases customer engagement and satisfaction.

Dynamics CRM Customer Portal Offers
  • Dynamics CRM Portals Knowledge Base articles.
  • Customer self-support system where customers create their own support tickets.
  • Discussion forum.

Employee Self-service Portals: Employee self-service portals are easily accessible, as information can be better accessed from the portals which increase employee productivity and engagement. ESS portals help the team to focus on the success of the customers, sales, partners, and employees.

Employee Self-Service Portal Offers
  • It empowers employees by providing them a single source of knowledge.
  • It is an employee self-service system making them more efficient and consistent.
Employee Self Service Portal in Solzit
Partner Crm Portal in Solzit

Partner Portals: With the customers and employees Dynamics 365 provides the portals for the partners too which enables lead distribution, opportunity tracking and account management capabilities. It helps is capturing sales channel data from the partners.

Partner Portal Offers
  • It provides Opportunity registration and management.
  • Help desk and case management are available.
  • It offers customer profile management.

Community Portals: Robust Communities can be formed using Microsoft dynamics CRM online portal by enabling discussion forums, blogs and article creation. It provides a platform for the online audience to connect and corporate which helps in community building

Community Portal Offers
  • Options for Feedbacks that can be captured by using polls, comments and ratings.
  • Various Corporate or multiple community blogs can be managed in a single Portal.
Community Crm Portal in Solzit
Custom Portal in Soluzione

Custom Portals: Portals are one spot where self-service, registration and data management can be done on the same platform. Dynamics CRM portal solution is highly flexible and customizable. A very minimal set of information comes with Custom Portals with pre-defined page templates.

Custom Portal Offers
  • Direct interaction of the Portal solution with Dynamics data.
  • Excellent extension to bridge the communication with highly configurable forms and views.
  • Unique customer experience with Liquid templating capabilities.
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