Top 10 Cool Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Along with new branding, the latest release of CRM for Dynamics 365 brought many updates. Many are accessible for both Virtual and On-Premises, some, for now, is Online only. As we kick off our CRM for Dynamics 365 webinar series, Soluzione IT Services share a list of a few of our favourites.

1.) App Modules – as functional regions extent this new WYSISYG designer allows for creating app modules – basically sub-sets of the overview organization’s functionality.

2.) Site Map Designer – a balancing feature to the app modules is an integrated Site Map editor to create a sitemap for each of the app modules. No more will we have to utilize a third-party tool or edit the sitemap directly!

3.) Business Process Flow Developments  this functionality has great new material: Concurrent BPFs per record, new drag-n-drop designer, timer, suggestion bubbles, the capability to call workflows directly, and more.

4.) Editable Grids – Inclusion of fresh features obviously a great boom. There is an allowance for in-line editing, JavaScript and other web resources, grouping, dragging columns around, plus additional capability in the cellular apps.

5.) Relationship insights –  this feature is online only and takes your customer appointment to the next level. The evaluation of your data will be done through your associate and deliver suggestions, capture rich signals from Exchange, generate a group of Action cards, and more

6.) Dynamics 365 App for Outlook – The app was introduced in 2015 and gets important updates with this announcement. It persists on the right side of the screen showing the recipient list, the related records, the ability to create new records, and also embed templates and attachments.

7.) Mobility – Many of outstanding services available here: fresh workspace, colors and design, editable grids, capture content straight, in addition task flows are now GA.

8.) Relevance Search – formally a preview feature now has faceting clear and full inline solutions.

9.) Collaborative Service Hub Developments – A few minor but nice developments including the ability to email a link and searching.

10.) Learning Path – The learning ability will now include authoring content to walk a user through your learning videos, how-to, and other documentation.

Addition feature Power BI Integration – With CRM 2016 update 1 we could natively embed Power BI tiles. With Dynamics 365 we can now embed entire dashboards. Leveraging the new Web API we can access more info than ever for our analytics.


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