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Social Media now is a new sales channel available to sales teams, who can gather intelligence, source new leads, and build credibility through social selling. Employees in any role can leverage social insights to better understand the voice of the customer.

Microsoft Social Engagement, a part of Dynamics 365, helps your organization harness the power of social media to achieve real business results – not just Likes and Shares.

Using Microsoft Social Engagement One can

1. Build seller credibility

Sellers today are using social channels to learn more about their customers, prospects and new leads source. And serious Buyers today use a wealth of information available online to research about the products they’re interested in. They also find key information about the sellers they interact with, and social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are a huge piece of that.

Interestingly Social Selling Assistant, now available through Microsoft AppSource, leverages the power of Azure Machine Learning to recommend content to share and keep you informed about your company, competitors or customers on social.

The Social Selling Assistant’s built-in intelligence and integration with Dynamics 365 for sales application means it takes only a few minutes each day for your sellers to build a credible social presence, gain insights and learn what’s top-of-mind for customers.

2. Sales, Service, and Social with the power of Dynamics 365

Microsoft Social Engagement is included with most Dynamics 365 Application and Plan subscriptions at no extra cost, so everyone in your organization can have better, more personalized engagement with customers on social media.

3. Care for customers on whichever channel they choose

Customer service processes are more complex than ever. Phone, email, chat, and social are available to customers can choose to reach out or publicize their good or bad experiences. And with criticisms and complaints being so visible and viral on social channels, what used to be a simple customer service issue now has the potential to become a major PR Crisis if an angry tweet goes unaddressed. Customers expect a time-bound response to social media questions and complaints about service issues organizations today face a big challenge in deploying a full-scale, Omni-channel customer service team that can support these media proliferation.

4. Omni-channel care

Microsoft Social Engagement enables effective simplification of the process for service agents. From automatic intent detection for information requests, support requests, and complaints to smart sentiment and the ability to automatically route social posts as cases, agents can focus on delivering excellent customer service in a timely manner.

5. Identify prospects and generate leads

Instead of manually sorting through social media noise, posts can be automatically routed as leads into the Sales application automatically. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, social media posts become leads through Microsoft Social Engagement and Dynamics 365 for Sales.

The new app has the ability to detect the intent in any social media post. Purchase intent is one of the indicators sellers can capitalize on. Machine learning enables the Dynamics 365 Sales application to identify incoming posts with purchase intent. Feedback can further fine-tune responses to the intent.

6. Machine learning & Auto-Tagging:

If information requests, support requests and complaints aren’t the right categories for your organization, Microsoft Social Engagement offers the ability to create custom tags for categories that matter most to your team, and a few manual categorizations upfront allow machine learning to start working, automatically tagging and routing the posts in your custom categories to Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to be resolved, or assigning them for triage right from Microsoft Social Engagement.

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Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s next generation of intelligent business applications that unify CRM and ERP capabilities, enabling your organization to grow, evolve and transform to meet the needs of your customers and capture new opportunities.

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