How to Access built-in sitemap in Dynamics365

As a CRM developer, whenever I want to edit the site map, I only having the following two options available:

  1. Export the sitemap and edit XML manually and reimport it again.
  2. Using some third party tool.

First one requires very high technical skills and also there is a possibility of errors because of manual editing. Latter one is a good option but it is not Microsoft supported.

Good news is now you can edit a sitemap from Dynamics 365 UI itself. Microsoft added it in December 2016 release. You can access it by using the following steps.

1. Go to “Settings” and click on “Customizations”

Sitemap in Dynamics365 01

2. Click on “Customize the system” to open the default solution. Alternatively, you can open any solution which can contain “Site Map”

sitemap in Dynamics365

3. Click on “Client Extensions” and Select “Site Map” and click on “Edit” button present under the Component Type dropdown.

Sitemap in Dynamics365

4. That’s it, now you have built-in Site Map Editor Open and you can update Site Map. Don’t forget to publish your changes otherwise, it will not reflect on Dynamics 365 UI.

sitemap in Dynamics365

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