How Soluzione IT Services can help your company

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DigiGround has had the pleasure of working with Soluzione IT Services for more than 11 years. We’ve worked together on the development of a large and complex Microsoft Dynamics CRM system which was heavily customised to suit individual user needs.

We’ve also worked together on building systems and processes to improve efficiency across the board in very large businesses. The team at Soluzione are fantastic at learning the needs of your business and creating systems that can speed up processes to help your business grow.

DigiGround works in conjunction with Soluzione IT Services when a customer requires a CRM system we will refer them directly to Soluzione. Our business relationship has grown to a partnership.

When we decided to form DigiGround as a company last year, our first port of call was Nikhil & Sonika and the team at Soluzione. We required a very simple CRM system to help manage our leads through to the order level, and help our Client Services Manager to better manage his time and relationships. It was a very quick deployment of a cloud-based solution and was quite seriously the easiest implementation of any system in our company.

Soluzione were able to work with us on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to build our system so that it meets our needs, forming a seamless integration with our web-based contact forms. Whenever we need further development Soluzione is quick to respond and easily understands whatever we require. They’re always there to make suggestions for improvement and often point out gaps that we may have missed when we are building an initial design brief for a system or process.

There is no provider that the DigiGround team recommends more in this space that Soluzione IT Services, whether you are a big or small company with a small or large number of staff, Soluzione can find a solution to suit your needs.