Activity Timeline for Dynamics CRM 365

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Happy to announce the updated version of Soluzione’s Activity Timeline for Dynamics 365 CRM. It comes with loads of new functionality and features to boost your productivity and love for Dynamics CRM.

Last year in December we released our 1st version of Interactive Activity Timeline. This solution allowed Dynamics CRM users to view activities and notes in a more visually appealing, engaging and consolidated vertical timeline manner. Being a web resource, it opened up the possibility to customize and extend the timeline control and address different business scenarios. Number of our customers have been using it since then. We have also received some very valuable feedback. Our team has been listening to our customers and have worked hard to address number of those feedbacks.

Before we continue, I would encourage you to check out the basics of Soluzione’s Interactive Activity Timeline to get a proper context.

Key enhancements made in this version are:

1. Activity Filter

While we want to view all the customer interactions most of the times but then at times we also only view certain activities like only emails or only phone calls related to that customer. While you could follow the long route to achieve this but Activity Timeline now provides a simple way to filter the same in the timeline view and still remain in the context of CRM record.

Filter By Activity Type Figure: Filter by activity type

One of the most voted features in our activity timeline was searching within the activity. Yes, now activity timeline allows you to perform free text search on activities. It will look to find the “search text” in the subject and description of activities and return the search result.

Free Text Search On Activities Figure: Free text search on activities
Results Of Free Text Search On Activities

Figure: Results of free text search on activities

3. Contextual Actions

Each activity now contains inline actions which varies based on the activity type and activity status. For example, as seen below an open Task will have contextual menus to mark the activity as “Completed” or “Cancelled”. All the activities will have two actions at minimum, first is the “Details” action to view the details & edit the activity and second is the “Delete Activity” to delete the same provided you have rights to do so.

Contextual Actions For Activities

 Figure: Contextual actions for activities

4. Consolidated Menu Bar

The top menu bar is consolidated so as to enable more activity types to be accommodated even on a smaller screen size. The idea is to have a UX design which is crispier and cleaner.

Compact Menu Bar  Figure: Compact menu bar

We are thrilled by using Activity Timeline and have received very encouraging feedback from our customers.

You can get your trial copy from Microsoft App Source Just in case an old version gets installed then please feel free to reach out to us at[email protected] to get the latest copy.

For more information, visit @solzit