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Overview of Microsoft’s Business Platform

Microsoft Business Applications

Using its Azure Cloud Infrastructure, Microsoft provides an extensive range of online services for both Individual Users and Enterprises (Groups, Organizations, Institutions, etc.).

Here, Microsoft Business Apps cover a wide range of purpose suited applications that are relevant to organizations for fulfilling specific needs\processes like Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounting, etc.

While majority of these Business Apps offer the flexibility to be customized according to the needs of a business, but for cases where very specific process flows \ modules are involved that either cannot be met due to customization limitations or an app or due to financial\licensing constraints, Microsoft provides the Power Platform that gives the ability to develop fully custom applications.

Microsoft Power Platform is mainly comprised of Microsoft 365 products: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate & Power Virtual Agent that are powered by Microsoft’s AI Builder, Data Connectors and Data Verse that facilitate rapid development and systematic maintenance.

What is Microsoft business applications?

Microsoft Business Apps provide business solutions that can be adapted for any organization. Popular Microsoft business applications comprise Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Projects Services, Office, etc.

The individual user version (like Home) of Microsoft Office provides applications relevant to individual\personal usage like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. However, its business editions like Pro and Enterprise covers a wider range of applications like Visio and Project. In fact, Microsoft has also been increasing Business Apps specifically to provide a platform for business owners. MS Office is installed in computers run on Microsoft Operating System and even in Mac Computers, iOS, and Android OS. In addition, can also get Office Online which is a web-based application for the office.

Why Use Microsoft 365 Apps

With the rich variety of tools, features, and functionalities, Microsoft Business Applications enables a new way of increasing productivity in the workplace. It is ideal for an organization that wants to take its company towards success and benefit from the latest features and security updates along with consistent tech support. With Microsoft 365, you also get extra online storage and cloud-connected characteristics that let you collaborate on a file in real-time.

What does Microsoft Business Applications include?

Some of the popular Microsoft Business Applications include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Data Verse
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Flows
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft MyAnalytics
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Microsoft Sway
  • Microsoft StaffHub­­­­
  • Microsoft Business Center
  • Microsoft Teams

Why to choose Microsoft Business Applications for Business Challenges?

Here are the reasons why various industries choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their business challenges.

  • Single Cloud Solution to Manage a Global Business
    Especially in the production business, the supply chain has become challenging to manage while maintaining customer service costs. One of the significant reasons many industries prefer Microsoft Dynamics is because of the advantage that it offers for global business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports international business with many currencies, time zones, languages, and compliance with multiple banking and reporting standards. Also, all these can be managed from a single cloud solution to give consistency and standardization across various business entities around the world.
  • Reduced Complexity and Unified Business across Channel
    Every organization today uses multiple channels to sell their products; due to which there is an enhanced channel complexity that requires us to manage all these channels more effectively. Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates multi-channel selling directly into the Enterprise resource planning solution and helps in eliminating the channel silos of the past. Wholesale, retail and e-commerce can live side-by-side within the application, intelligently sharing inventory, customer information, and supply chain clarity.
  • Supply Chain Visibility and Advanced Forecasting Capabilities
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports manufacturers by handling complex supply chains out of the box. From a sophisticated multi-site model that addresses lead-time variation, different vendor sourcing models, and multiple raw material suppliers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can keep up with the demanding needs of our clients. Also, with the Supply Chain 365 extension, companies can get advanced forecasting, planning, execution, and analysis capabilities.
  • Enhanced Operations with Automated Business Processes
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 dramatically increases operational efficiency through standardization and streamlining of business processes. The solution offers a flexible workflow that permits businesses to automate tasks and procedures to be used every day. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can relieve your team of repetitive manual tasks and also will enable you to build processes using workflows to achieve the desired results.
  • Streamline Communications across Infrastructure
    One of the biggest challenges multiple organizations face is streamlining communications across an increasing range of systems and devices in complex infrastructures. Having many applications to handle every specific routine task makes it much harder to keep track of everything, and departments within an industry end up with information silos that can hinder their collaboration efforts. In Dynamics 365, the common data model brings you direct access to information since it is stored in one place. This also provides for seamless integration with other required business applications, such as Office 365 and Power BI. With add-ons like free mobile applications with Dynamics 365 license and support for the cross-web browser on many devices, your workforce can be productive regardless of wherever they work.
  • Enabling business agility
    Organizations miss out on various new opportunities just because their technology could not identify market trends as quickly as they require to keep up with the present market and demand. With cloud-hosted collaboration tools like Dynamics 365, you will be able to serve clients no matter where they are and immediately identify market trends and move parallel with the ever-growing demand.

How can Microsoft Business Application help you solve your Business Challenges?

Here is a quick heads up on how Microsoft Business Applications is helping many organizations to solve their business challenges –​

  • It is a cloud-first solution​
  • Comes with an astounding pace of innovation​
  • Highly reliable data security and privacy​
  • Dynamics 365 solutions are highly customizable​
  • Seamlessly connects with many applications​
  • Requires very little time and effort in the integration​
  • Offers full ownership of the technology​
  • Simple, easy, and familiar user interface
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