Click to Attach Files in Dynamics 365 CRM

Increase your productivity on Dynamics 365 with Click2Attach / Tired of the clicks when attaching reports to emails?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is one of the best platforms for reporting and analyzing perspectives and it gives user the ability to slice and dice and analyze to nth level. This feature is available through the rich reports that can be generated from Dynamics 365 CRM.

However, when it comes to sharing the same reports via emails, it becomes a tedious task. The process goes as follows:

  • The user runs the reports.
  • Download the report in the format desired (word/excel/PowerPoint or other formats provided.
  • Create a new email record regarding the desired entity and save it.
  • Attach the downloaded file manually to the email and send.

It is okay to follow this process once in a while but when it comes to regular operations, this process is a pain.

To overcome this process, Soluzione has developed Solz Click2Attach Add-On. Click2Attach is an advanced productivity add-on for Dynamics 365 CE which provides Dynamics 365 CRM users ease of attaching any of the Dynamics CRM Reports for an entity directly in an email in 5 different formats – Excel, Word, PDF, CSV, or TIFF.

The process is cut down from 7 clicks to 2 clicks. Isn’t that a lot of change!!

Now let us look at Click2Attach in action. When we install the managed solution of this plugin to Dynamics 365, it automatically

starts showing up the Click2Attach button on the 5 system entities which is Lead, Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice.

Let us take a scenario where a team member of KV Services wants to send Quote to his probable client attached to an email.

Here are the steps that the team member has to follow to attach a file using Click2Attach directly in an email.

  • Simply click on the button CLICK2ATTACH. A pop-up will occur where the user has the ability to make selections.
  • The user can select the report from the list of all the reports for that entity and can choose the report format.
Click To Attach using button
  • Click on Attach Report button.
  • The processing will take place and the user will see the pop-up shown below where he can click on the link ‘Click here to open Email Record’ to open the email created.
Click To Attach Add File
  • When the email record is opened, it is in the Draft state and has the report attached to it in the desired format.
ClickToAttach Added Files
  • The user can now insert templates and add required recipients for the email and send it as usual.

With Click2Attach you can get more productivity by efficiently interacting with your customers for business transactions. We suggest you should try Click2Attach and test all its features. If you have not tried the solution yet, contacts us.

For a trial please share your contact the details we will be happy to help you.

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