Business Management Solution for Small Businesses

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Running a small business is not a cake walk and we all agree with this fact. The SMB owners and managers suffer from lots of challenges and the biggest one is sustaining in this competitive world and creating their own unique identity. Every business faces lots of challenges but the fact is that there is no problem without a solution and every problem can be fixed, it may be difficulty in finding customers, gathering leads or balancing quality and growth in the products or services.

In this Advanced Digital Era, everything is fast paced and so every business needs a solution that assists them with their Management of Business. They need a solution for the easy flow of the processes and that we provide with the complete comprehensive solution for the small businesses. Everybody is looking for life hacks.

SolzBiz is the solution which can easily tackle your day to day work complications and can make your life and business smooth and be running. Here are a few issues that you might be facing in your daily work:

  • Managing and Retaining Customers: It is not about the small businesses, even for the big enterprises, lead generation is the most important issue. Managing and retaining the customers is the basic milestone for retaining any business.In SolzBiz you get to store every fact and communication that you made with any customer. You can take the sales lifecycle right from the Lead to a full-fledged Order and can store and retrieve every bit with a single click.
  • Stock Management: Another important concern for the small businesses is the stock management, as there are a variety of products, the trackability and performance calculation of the product is not a one-man job. It needs lots of effort and consistency.If you are facing a similar problem then Solz Biz is the best match for you, as it regularly calculates the availability and performance of the product it shows that which one is the best performing product of the month or a week accordingly.
  • GST Readiness: With the continuous evolving government policies, it has become very difficult to maintain a consistency in billing and invoicing.SolzBiz provides the consistency in billing, invoicing with complete tax calculations scheme which includes CGST, SGST, and IGST.
  • Ease of Accessibility: You will find many Business Management Solutions overloaded with features but they just leave you managing the management solution. SolzBiz is the solution specially designed for the small businesses to enable them with the features focused on the people who are looking for a new era solution present with them anytime and anywhere.

With foresight and persistence, there is no such problem that can’t be resolved. Being an entrepreneur, you already have all the skills in abundance, the only way is applying them in the accurate direction to boost your business.