AIMS (Application Infrastructure Maintenance Support)

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Application maintenance and support would be as critical as development to a business, and for other comparable organizations’ success factors. Regardless of how far technology and machines have progressed. Bugs do not always have to be addressed only during application maintenance.

Regular maintenance will help avoid facing the same threats, providing trouble-free use and high performance. It has a lot to do with how visually appealing your website or application is. The following are some of the important responsibilities of application support services and maintenance.

If you are looking to understand why do businesses rely so much on application maintenance? And why do you need to have a reliable AIMS partner? Find valuable insights in this article. 

The best way to ensure quality is to propose a roadmap for cleaning, upgrading, and securing the app so that it lasts longer. The process of building software applications is not as easy as dropping it into the market, launching it, and forgetting about it. Businesses require a fixed budget for repairs, maintenance, and support.

Any project you work on will require some level of upkeep to stay alive. We do not only mean maintenance when we say maintenance. It has a lot to do with steadily improving and evolving.

Keep in mind that in the realm of information technology, you either go forward or fall back. To have a stable stage, you need a frequent maintenance and support strategy in place for better user expectations and requirements to change from time to time. Maintenance services for applications can be beneficial.

AIMS can include

Applications maintenance services focuses on application stabilization, service implementation enhancements. Optimization, and application improvement. Application improvements include adding new features (new module, new report), fixing bug patches, providing product support, and collaborating with the L1 team.

Software Maintenance must be performed to:

  • Correct faults.
  • Improve the design.
  • Interface with other systems.
  • Ensure that programs can be used with various hardware, software, system features
  • Migrate legacy software.
  • Retire software.


Warranty and hyper-care support are available, as well as steady-state support once the application has stabilized. L1, L2, L3, and L4 levels of support are available.

Initial level

L1- Basic level of maintenance offered by the user help desk, which is typically used to identify issues and assign them to the appropriate owner for resolution.

L2 or level two deals with support tickets, which are interactions between customers and a customer service professional. that manages the development, updating, and efficient issue resolutions for a firm with a huge volume of clients.

L3 or level two deals with providing tickets requiring code changes.

L4: This service handles tickets related to products that may need help from the product vendor about raising support tickets.

Benefits of Application maintenance support

Bug Fixation

When it comes to maintenance management, bug fixing is at the top of the priority list. You must eliminate bugs from your application or website to keep it running smoothly. Any part of the application, including the hardware, software, and operating system, could be the source of the problem. Your maintenance expert will search for errors in the code and fix them without disrupting the current program.

Capability Enhancement

The software industry is a fast-paced workplace. To stay ahead of the competition, you will need to keep improving the features and functionality of your product regularly. This process includes things like improving the software platform, changing work habits, upgrading hardware, changing compilers, and other factors that may affect workflow.

Increased efficiency 

Any out-of-date or unwanted software function is, of course, useless. It serves no purpose other than to take up space and decrease efficiency. Application management removes such root elements (UI (User Interface) and coding) and suggests innovations based on current tools and technology.

Performance Improvement

Developers detect and fix issues during the testing process. It has done to improve the system’s performance. Software maintenance also includes reengineering, as well as data and code constraints. It safeguards the solution against defects and harmful behaviours like hacking.

Scalability and security

Regularly maintaining your program will not only keep it safe from external threats but also increase its scalability. As a result, the system can handle increased workloads while maintaining acceptable performance.

Cost and time saving

Every time software fails or is obstructed by difficulties, it is unreasonable to purchase new software or design the solution from the ground up. Instead, invest in maintenance regularly for the rest of your life to save money eventually.

Customer satisfaction

Overall, application maintenance services can help to increase application quality, online presence, and reaction time. As a result, better customer satisfaction becomes a norm.

How to choose the right application support services and maintenance partner

To land with a cost-effective application maintenance and support services team is easy. A few useful tips that can help you:

  • Make sure you are clear about what you are looking for.
  • Examine the development business you want to work with from top to bottom.
  • Examine many platforms and select the one that best suits your needs.
  • Work on continual improvements, iterations, and bug fixes with integrating technologies

Why Soluzione

Soluzione provides next zen application infrastructure maintenance support to provide individuals and companies with business-relevant application assistance for technology-related devices. Its goal is to help consumers find solutions to difficulties they may be having. IT support in a company setting involves more than just a helping hand. It can include equipment setup, installation, and configuration, among other things.

  Comprehensive range of maintenance services for:

  • Reconfiguration and modification: We examine your current software and make any necessary changes to ensure that it functions properly. We change the data format, support utility changes, reconfigure the hardware, regulate, and integrate new operating systems.
  • Getting Rid of Bugs and Glitches: Our it supports, and application maintenance support quickly fixes software faults in your enterprise app. Eradication of bugs, setting problems with the fundamental algorithm – logical, coding, and design mistakes are all part of our corrective services.
  • Additions and Enhancements: Before releasing your corporate software, we do continual and thorough changes. Our support services assist you with editing, adjustments, software enhancements, insertions, deletions, and changes to your program.
  • Comprehensive Future-Proofing Analysis: Our support team is, capable of analysing your company’s future needs, as well as potential concerns, based on client feedback and previous events. We want to plan and include solutions that will satisfy future needs.
  • Our Approach / Steps to Software Application support and maintenance: We base our software solutions and maintenance measures on issues unique to your industry, and we tailor our solutions to meet those challenges:
  • Gathering Requirements: Our teams begin by gathering the necessary documentation and process specifics for your development project. This aids in the attainment of clarity in terms of maintenance goals.
  • Evaluation of the program: To successfully comprehend each cog of the application and streamline your program, rely on extensive knowledge exchange and analytics for corporate apps.
  • Proposal for Maintenance: Rely on our renowned maintenance experts to provide a hyper-aligned maintenance strategy, complete with a full maintenance proposal for your approval.
  • Assessment of Infrastructure Stability: For a thorough understanding of your processes and utilities, deploy software maintenance teams to examine the extensibility and scalability of your IT infrastructure.
  • Testing: You can count on rigorous testing techniques to ensure the reliability of your software maintenance efforts once your maintenance methodology is implemented.
  • Publication and Reporting: Utilize teams with selected skills assembling replies and activities into comprehensible reports for record-keeping and future maintenance reference.

Soluzione is a Microsoft Gold Partner company that specializes in providing Maintenance, Support, and Administration Services for Cloud and On-Premises IT Solutions that use Microsoft, MEAN Stack, and other Hybrid Technologies to increase business productivity by providing flexibility, scalability, and a rapid return on investment. For CSI, we offer ITIL-based AMS and L1, L2, L3, and L4 Support Services.

And for different models such as dedicated support shared support, shared services, or dedicated service offerings, for ongoing maintenance of the current install base of the Microsoft dynamic suite of products. AX, CRM (Customer Relationship Management),

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