How can Dynamics 365 improving Sales?

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Dynamics 365 sales
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Is your sales team running out of time Managing the organizational chaos and struggle of streamline Critical Sales Processes for work efficiently. 

When it comes to connecting a company’s products, services and overall brand value with customers, Sales has an essential role to play.
The concerns mentioned above are merely the tip of an iceberg of what all can go wrong when you are unprepared\underprepared due to wrong choice or an absence of the right tools.
The concept of a Customer Relationship Management (aka CRM) platform originated as a means for exploring and overcoming the various reasons that prevent a sales team from meeting its targets ensuring that “Inputs”, that often worry you have an actionable insight as Outcome.   

“For many companies, a CRM is the answer.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can help you here

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an intelligent market leading CRM software that helps MSMEs in end-to-end management of their entire business development and continuity process providing sales team with all the necessary tools and a 360-degree insight needed to increase productivity, foster relationships, and most importantly… win more deals. 

By streamlining the sales processes, D365 CRM sales process aims to generate and nurturing more leads and potential sales opportunities, and above all generate accurate sales forecasting for a higher rate in closing of deals. 

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise can help your organization with critical business development processes, maximize revenue opportunities, and more effectively collaborate across teams. This article highlights the significant reasons why you should choose a CRM for sales, and how Dynamics 365 is the CRM of choice. 

Dynamics 365 sales

Sales accelerator Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 facilitates the latest Microsoft ERP and its CRM technologies to focus on the right clients and build trusted relationships with unified relationship data and contextual AI-driven insights while streamlining the sales process with the support of familiar and cohesive tools and intelligent optimization. CRM software gives sales team more time to sell smarter and with enterprise-level intelligence. 

Streamlining sales processes and goals

Inducing CRM into businesses processes is a proven way of making hassle-free and efficient workflows in an organization. In sales, Dynamics 365 CRM, does more than just automate the repetitive and mission critical tasks.  

Using its rich toolkit for automated workflows, follow-up emails, power virtual agents, and more, you can ensure that your lead management is a high-quality service that you and your potential customers expect throughout the sales process, while unburdening sales team allowing them to use their time in important tasks. To achieve more consistent sales interactions by following an ideal sales process as it takes you through each stage, from creating a lead to closing the sale. 

Increased visibility in the sales funnel

Streamlined sales processes with clearly defined objectives for the sales teams, tend to offer greater visibility of all potential leads in the sales funnel. Dynamics 365 for sales make it easy to identify where the prospect is stand in the sales funnel, and at any given time a quality CRM enables sales teams to prioritize the lead nurturing stages. Managing what leads required the following and needs a bit of nurturing, automatically organized by industry, job title, priority, interest level, etc. So, your sales team can spend more time closing sales and making stronger relationships. 

Seamless reporting and analytics

One of the major benefits of having a CRM for any sales team is the ability to produce the data it has to offer. The valuable and real-time reports can help businesses track performance and growth in the most effective ways. CRM constantly collects data, information about your clients, their persona, what content offer brings in the leads most likely to close, and what sales tools are most effective at closing those sales. 

All of that data, combined and compiled for you by the CRM, helps you interpret your sales team’s success, and further streamline your sales process for even better results as per these insights. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales can generate all of these sales reports with just a click of a button, so your team can easily see what’s working, and what’s not to support your sales team, and make better forecasts.  

Improve sales performance

CRM-generated predictive forecasts and projections can very well be applied to increase the productivity and performance of a sales team. For sales professionals’ predictions and process streamlining with Sales accelerator dynamics, 365 helps sales teams perform better with real-time insights on deals, relationship analytics, and conversation intelligence reports.  

Now they can cope with the current market trends and technology trends. backed by Microsoft Power platform products, such as Power Bi, PowerApps, and Power Automate solutions. To boost sales performance, gain visibility, identify at-risk deals, competitive dynamics, and actionable feedback through Dynamics 365 sales insights for organizations looking to track and analyse pipeline changes.  

Lead management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects you to your customers in a whole new way with its advanced lead management capabilities. The lead module in Dynamics 365 sales software provides an overview of what leads exist in the funnel while illustrating the different options for creating leads, managing them, and working with them throughout their life cycle.  

A CRM software allow you to segment leads based on their nurturing status, based on how qualified they are, and where they are in the sales funnel. While providing information about qualifying and disqualifying leads, it also notifies when your top-priority prospects are listed right at the top of the page.  

So, your sales team doesn’t have to worry about who to call first. They can now keep track of how many prospects have already been contacted, by whom, and when, and even find out how much more information they need to close the sale.  

The right alignment with the marketing team

A well-aligned marketing and sales team can help you increase marketing ROI. Sales and marketing can devise a strategy to seamlessly take customers through the entire buying cycle, from awareness to closing the sale.  

“Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing functions enjoy 36% higher customer retention rates. –”  

Using leading CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales makes the sales process much easier for your teams. Along with the seamless business processes, they can enjoy robust CRM features to better communicate with marketing teams. To manage future customer follow-ups and crucial retentions for effective outcomes for your business.  

Access governance

CRM can make managing users easier for businesses. By reducing the risk of end users having unneeded access privileges. Organizations can assign or prevent user access based on their role within the organization while reducing the risk of data breach and exploitation of resources. When managing multi-layered data across organizations, the hierarchy security model is much effective and is based on the management chain or direct reporting structure. 

Access governance is closely related to IT security and data security.  

With Dynamics 365 Sales App you get to define your organization’s overall access controls and governance policies based on the hierarchy of data and access security model. Teams can be categorized by security roles within your organization, and to efficiently manage who has access to what and who doesn’t, without facing any operational glitches.  

  • Provide a multi-tiered licensing model for users 
  • Give users access to the levels of information required to do their jobs 
  • Support data sharing authorized user  
  • Restrict access to information and objects 

Renewing business agreements, collaterals, contracts

The contract management module of Microsoft 365 sales helps the sales team to manage and streamline contract renewal processes. As contract renewals impact overall business efficiency directly, and without a quality CRM, businesses may have a hard time retaining customers.  

Dynamics 365 sales app helps sales teams to manage renewals of contracts and agreements, validate increasing income from licenses, maintenance plans, and support agreements more efficiently. Also, providing every information, marketing, and sales teams needed to be organized and stored in a sales cycle.   

“Contract renewals and customer retention should go hand in hand when it comes to sales.  

Integration with Microsoft products

The line between personal and business technology is constantly blurring, making it more critical for businesses to use technology that increases efficiency, reduces costs, and saves time. 

Best of all, Dynamics 365 CRM for sales provides great opportunities for sharing information and CRM capabilities across all Microsoft products. Users can integrate Microsoft products such as Office 365, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Cortana, Power Apps, and Power Automate into the experience, enhancing the user experience.  

Absolute customer satisfaction

A brand’s reputation is largely shaped by the level of customer satisfaction. Loyal customers become brand ambassadors, making it easier to build your customer base. 

Dynamics 365 sales Insights allows you to understand your customers better, so you can give them better service. Dynamics 365 Sales enables salespeople to manage their customer relationships, act based on insights, and close deals faster. Keep track of every account, lead, and potential contact, nurture existing sales from lead to order and create sales collateral.  

Whom is CRM for… CRM is for Everyone!

Thinking of a CRM but don’t know where to start or are concerned with the lengthy learning curve? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a highly efficient and flexible platform with a track record of being successful in B2B & B2C enterprises and even C2C models in any industry vertical or even in Not-for-Profit organizations. 

Team Soluzione leverages its expert know-how and experience to maximize the outcomes to their potential. 

Our team has over a decade of experience on-boarding and grooming sales reps and marketing teams on how to use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM effectively and find custom CRM capabilities with additional features and add-ons where we implement custom Dynamics 365 development & implementation services like configuration, customization, maintenance and optimization of both out-of-box and customized dynamics 365 applications to exactly match your information, performance, and business requirements.