Google’s Innovative Application Development

In recent years, application development has become a staple for large companies wanting a greater consumer reach. This increase in application development is due to the proliferation of smart devices, changing the way people interact with the world. 2016 Market Research from Google shows that we have become a mobile-first society.

More than one-quarter of people on Google using a smartphone which is nearly two times as many people who only use a computer. When browsing the web, 80% of people use a smartphone, 67% use a computer an 16% use a tablet. The findings also show on average, within an hour of actively using a phone, users will interact with 4.8 apps which predominantly fall under the categories; email, travel, social, shopping, messaging and browser. These findings show that if a consumer is looking for your company, they are most likely browsing on their smartphone. Having an application for your company will increase user engagement and experience on a smartphone.

Due to the increase of application development within the market, it has become essential for companies to develop innovative business ideas into intuitive applications. For many companies, the software is needed to develop an intuitive application that isn’t available or undeniable meaning companies, develop a simpler product. The market advantage of having an innovative application means companies should take the time to custom build specifications on alternative technology platforms.

An example of an innovative application developed in 2017 is Google’s Tilt Brush. The app allows users to paint in 3D virtual space using a virtual reality headset. The app enables you to paint or draw anywhere using two controllers. One controller serves as a palette with infinite colors, textures and effects whilst the other controller act as a brush or pen. Not only does this new application provide Google new forms of innovation for design, sculpture and prototyping, it sets Google at the forefront of innovation in the 21st century. This project would not be possible if Google hadn’t customized an alternative technology platform.

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