Dynamics 365 CE Unified Interface Migration Plan

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Microsoft Asking Dynamics 365 Users to migration to the New D365 Unified Interface

The Unified Interface bridges the gap between your users’ experience with Dynamics 365 across web and mobile with a responsive design. Soluzione’s approach for migrating to the Unified Interface will help you enable your users with improved navigation and performance and enhanced productivity.

Our two-day session for Unified Interface Migration will educate and help you envision how the migration to Unified Interface will impact your business. We will provide a complete analysis of a technical migration and other Migration details. In this two-day session, you will have a complete understanding of your existing environment, any potential issues to overcome prior to the migration, and insight into new capabilities that will be available to you with the Unified Interface. You’ll walk away knowing the best path for migrating and have an actionable plan to do so.

Unified Interface Migration Plan Solzit

Unified Interface Migration Plan Agenda and Details:

  1. Review the current configuration, as well as we will identifying all the compatibility issues.
  2. A planning session will be conducted to determine unified interface deployment options.
  3. A detailed discussion of functionality that you may want to take advantage of that is exclusive to the Unified Interface.

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