CRM is Not Just for Salespeople

Gone are the times when Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, was the exclusive domain of the sales team. Salespeople were the only liaison between the customer and the business. Those days are over.

Meeting customers’ expectations and beating the competition today requires input from all functions in an Organization. The New customer expects to have a deeper relationship with you. Whether you are a small and medium business (SMB) or a giant conglomerate agility is a supreme requirement.

Irrespective of the size of your business, leveraging data and technology to make deeper relationships, customers’ needs are at the centre of your business. Every business today is interested in collecting more and more data and leveraging it to do better. When that data is organized and focused to serve the customer, it also improves productivity. Employees go one place to and the answers they need—no matter where their work takes them.

A good CRM like Dynamics 365 enables you to build an excellent customer experience and provide capabilities beyond lead and opportunity management. Here are 10 value adds beyond sales that a custom Dynamics 365 implementation can deliver

  1. Enable cross-sell and upsell and increase customer value
  2. Bridge disconnected applications and drive real-time Business Intelligence
  3. Streamline Asset and Facility management
  4. Improve real-time coordination across departments
  5. Automate processes and workflows to increase productivity
  6. Ensure compliance with consistent processes
  7. Provide unparalleled customer service & Field Service Automation
  8. Deliver highly personalized customer experiences
  9. Automate Project Services and Delivery

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