Quick Implementation for Dynamics 365 CE

Power your remote productivity with express configured Dynamics 365 CE and collaboration tools to help your Sales or Customer Services team get up and running on a common platform in just 2 working Days!

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Jumpstart Implementation for Dynamics 365 CE for Sales or Customer Service from Soluzione

Sales or Customer Services CRM Implemented Just for You

Our Jumpstart Dynamics 365 CE for Sales or Customer Services is a package for implementing the Out of Box version of the Dynamics 365 CE for Sales or Customer Service. It is built especially for Microsoft Dynamics Sales or Customer Professional to streamline the various sales process like:

  • Manage leads and opportunities.
  • Log and progress opportunities.
  • Case Management (Customer Services)
  • Create templates and generate custom quotes.
  • Track communication and activities for each lead
  • Manage Pipelines and Dashboards
  • Create product/sales orders.
  • Create professional custom Tax invoices.
  • Track and monitor leads and referrals.
  • Use product details in quotes, orders and invoices.
  • Lead data storage from sources and contacts.
Jumpstart Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
Microsoft has deprecated the Dynamics 365 legacy web client, along with process dialogs and task flows. Dynamics Users who were on the web client for some or all workloads must complete the transition to the Unified Interface.
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How Much Does Jumpstart Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/ CRM for Sales Cost You

Certified CRM consultants at Soluzione will work with you to get you a configured CRM for Sales or Customer services (Out of Box) Instance up and running in 2 working days with installation and configuration of your licenses. Your project will be delivered 100% remotely and it will only take two working days to get you up and going. Get users trained on product capabilities and Key operations of Dynamics 365 CE !

Jumpstart for Dynamics 365 CE for Sales or Customer Includes

  • Business Analysis – Approximately 2-3 hrs of Interactive session for  Key Requirement Gathering.
  • Configurations – Setup Installation correctly and Configuration of Dynamics 365 CE for Sales or Customer Services by our Consultants 16 Hrs
  • Users Group Trainings – Train your users for 4 hrs (for up to 5 people attending the web meeting based trainings ).
  •  Soluzione charges a implementation fee of 1100 USD for the 2day Jumpstart package. This does not include cost of licenses or customisation services. An optional cost of $300 per month to use our online web-based support to provide continued assistance of upto 10hrs each month.

Microsoft Dynamics Sales or Customer Services Professional Licences to be procured by the Client. This incurs an Ongoing monthly cost for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional or Customer Services Licences.

All prices quoted above are excluding any applicable taxes or Wire Transfer Charges of 3% which will be charged extra. The package does not include any Custom development, data migration or 3rd party application integrations.

Dynamics Sales Crm in Solzit
Why Choose Jumpstart for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE from Soluzione?

We all know that remote work is the new norm. Team Soluzione is helping organizations to adapt to this new reality. Our customer CRM systems are making Work From Home easy.

It is more important to stay connected with the team through tools like Microsoft Teams, CRM for marketing and other tools powered by Microsoft.

Increase Your Productivity By Starting Small & Keep It Simple

Team Soluzione will do all the basic configuration so you don’t have to. The solution can be expanded over time as your business grows.

Dynamics 365 Sales Automation in Solzit
Sales Management Software Small Business in Solzit
Nurture Leads While Working From Anywhere

Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 48 hours is a Cloud-based system that will help you gain access over complex customer data from any location. All CRM users can access data from Desktop, Tablet or a Mobile Device, the experience will be the same.

CRM System To Streamline Your Business

It’s a CRM system which gives an easy to use dashboard, and allows your team to quickly connect to the product catalog, discount structures and confirm the order online.

So, what are you thinking just drop us an email at [email protected] or fill the form below to connect with one of our CRM experts. We can get you up and running in 2 working days i.e 48-hours flat.

Dynamics 365 for Sales in Solzit

How do we ensure Results from Dynamics 365 CRM Quick Implementation?

Soluzione has developed a Quick implementation methodology of Dynamics 365 CE specifically for new users of Dynamics 365 CE users who want to see its benefits early. Yet it is an implementation roadmap that is based on best practices, speed, and quality. Soluzione can help you rapidly achieve a viable, useful and evolving CRM using a proven methodology and migrations of your data into Dynamics 365 CE.

  • Define and Prioritize your CRM requirements for early and sustained success.
  • Roadmap all key Tasks, milestones, deadlines, phases and sprints in days and weeks.
  • Leverage a Rich Knowledge Base and provide Onboarding Training to Users.
  • Define your process Flow diagrams, Task & Deployment checklists.
  • Ensure proper configuration by User Roles of key features to meet process requirements.
  • Enable better communications and manage realistic expectations.
  • Follow best practices to reduce requirements of Customizations.

Gain instant value and accelerate your Dynamics 365 CE deployment with best practices, processes, preset and configurations.

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