Why to work with a Microsoft Gold Partner

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Top Reason & Benefits of Working With a Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner is the Highest Certification that only 1 % of Microsoft Partners in an area can achieve. This highly coveted partnership level is awarded only to organizations who succeed in meeting the desired partner points, performance thresholds in various competencies and demonstrate top-level expertise and proficiency through a team of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) over a Period of Time. Microsoft Gold Partners are committed to the excellence in evolving Microsoft Technologies and Maximising the Benefits that clients receive by expertly implementing Microsoft solutions.

What is Microsoft Certification and Who is a Microsoft Partner?

Microsoft is World’s Largest Software Maker Company and is part of “Global IT Big Five” along with Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Microsoft products are used by both Individuals and Corporations, so naturally many IT Professionals work on Microsoft Technologies, and to distinguish a true expert, Microsoft provides a range of Role- based certifications for Administrators, Developers, Solution Architects; AI, Data, DevOps and Security Engineers; Data Scientists and Functional Consultants through a distinctive range of Qualifying criteria\courses and certifications examinations. Put simply, an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) is the surest bet for getting the correct Microsoft Solution for your needs.

Unlike other partnership programs where partners are predominantly the brokers of services or software, Microsoft Partners bridge the gap between the tech giant and enterprise-based consumers, essentially collaborating with businesses in leveraging Microsoft solutions. Based on the level of business that the Partner is operating at and the specific skills accumulated during the time of providing service, Microsoft Partners are often tiered into two primary groups of Silver and Gold where both are required to meet specific numbers of MCP team members, licensing overview, etc., but for becoming a Gold Partner, Microsoft places a requirement for participation in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Index which assures that the Partner is not only an expert in Technology but is also focussed on assuring that the technology actually brings value to the end-customers.

Microsoft Gold Partner Soluzione

Soluzione is the Microsoft Gold Partner IT Services Company that has proven expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform (PowerApps, Power BI, Virtual Agent and Flows) and other Microsoft 365 \ Azure based services.

Using these expertise, Soluzione IT Services has developed and delivered purpose-suited optimal business solutions for clientele belonging to different business domains across all geographies .

These solutions provide a case-study on W.T.U.W. (when-to-use-what) for the diverse range of technology products and services present in Microsoft’s Stack with emphasis on usage of both out-of-the-box features, their customization and incorporation of fully custom developed components. During the course of time, Soluzione has also developed some productivity accelerator Add-Ons and third-party Connectors that work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps in a plug-and-play mode.

Some of the popular Add-Ons here are Kanban Board, HTML Email Editor, SharePoint Metadata Capture and XERO Connectors.