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How to write a blog post - 11 Writing tips for beginners

Writing is a wonderful way to communicate and engage an audience. Today, all successful digital marketing campaigns rely on content writing. Companies want to convert readers into customers, and quality content helps them accomplish this goal.  However, content writing is altogether a different game.

“Content creation is a primary way business gets done in today’s collaborative world”

Getting started with content writing is sometimes challenging even with appropriate knowledge and skills, writing a blog post can involve hundreds other factors that need to be addressed.  For those of you who are enthusiastic about writing and want your blog posts to rank among the top Google pages for the topic and niche. But not sure where to begin?  

In this blog, we are going to cover the major factors that make a blog post great, along with a wide range of best practices, so that whether you are a beginner writer or an experienced writing professional, you feel confident communicating effectively, every single time.  

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Table of Contents

  • Know your readers first 
  • Research the subject  
  • Start with a clear and organized outline 
  • Consider Search engine optimization 
  • Engage your audience with a compelling Intro 
  • Keep your sentences short and concise 
  • Cover all elements of a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized blog 
  • Quickly finish your first draft  
  • Edit it mercilessly  
  • Stylize your blog- Add creatives & Images 
  • Promote your blog post 

Here are 10 tips to write a blog post that ranks

1.Know your readers first 

Remember, you are always writing for the readers. So, before you start writing a blog post. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your readers. You should know what message you want to share with the readers? How do you want them to find your post? And most importantly how do you want them to respond to your efforts?  

Research what your potential audiences are searching for and what they want to hear about. Would help you find what you need to cover in your blog post. Find out their interests, add them to your blog post. For example, if you are writing a blog post about the best food to try in summer, take time to find comments and reviews about the product This way you can connect and share the knowledge with a wider audience and get valuable traffic to your blog post and the website. 

2.Research the topic 

Good content writing starts with putting effort into researching the topic. Your blog post would engage and will top the table if you start with researching what good you can bring to the readers. However, relying on just one source for all primary information is a bad idea. If you publish inaccurate information when you are first starting, your credibility will suffer, and this is true even if you have a blog with millions of readers. 

Start by reading top-ranked blogs for your niche, look at social media posts, comments, check facts, and analyze their issues. It will help you know what your readers are looking for in your blog post. Professional content writers stick to this. 

3.Start with a clear outline 

Bloggers and readers can sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of information in their blog posts. Trick is to present the blog in a way, that your readers do not get intimidated by the length or amount of content. The following organization can take several forms, sections, lists, or tips depending on what is appropriate. Nevertheless, it must be organized, with a clear table of contents.  

Now that you have your outline, you are ready to fill in the blanks. As needed, expand on all points using your outline as a reference. Write about what you already know and, if necessary, conduct more research to gain specific information, examples, and facts to back up your points, assuring that outside sources are properly cited.

4.Consider Search engine optimization 

Business writing is about bringing business. Many people wonder how Google rankings work. Content writing services alone cannot bring good business without considering SEO. The first step you should take is optimizing your site for search engines before you get started with blog post writing.  

Without the Best SEO practices, search engines will not find your site, and all your efforts will be for nothing. It makes it easier for your blog post to rank well on search engine result pages and attract more traffic. Though, many factors impact a site’s SEO performance. A well-optimized website can generate better traffic overtime to attract more leads and sales.  

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5.Cover all elements of a great SEO optimized blog 

  • Secure Website 

It is important to have the right URL, which is easy to find and easy to learn for visitors. That Google bots can easily reach and crawl. One of the most effective ways to make sure your online identity does not fall victim to hackers or hijackers is to have a domain name pointing to a website. 

  • Keyword Research 

Choosing the right keywords can also help boost your blog’s ranking on SERPs and generate valuable traffic. If you want to attract qualified traffic, make sure your keywords match your target audience’s intent.  

  • Optimized Content 

Keywords are the cornerstone of Google’s search algorithm. When people search for information, they use these words and phrases. You may also use them to describe the content on your site. Ensure your blog post’s content is SEO-optimized by maintaining a good keyword density.  

  • Mobile friendliness

Another major SEO ranking factor is the mobile friendliness of a site. Due to more people accessing the web through mobile devices than desktops, Google has changed the way it ranks search results. 

  • Page speed 

Having fast-loading web pages improves the user experience of the web, which is one of the leading factors in SEO ranking. Google’s Algorithm Speed Update has made it more obvious that page speed is a ranking factor. Rankings can also be affected indirectly by speed, in the form of increased bounce rates and reduced dwell times.  

  • Eye-catching headline  

It is as much an art as it is a science to write headlines for blog posts – Something that works for your audience. Encourage them to read on. There are two ways you can write great headlines. Write your blog post with a working title first and see what fits when you are finished or choose your final headline once you have written your entire post. 

6.Engage your audience with a compelling Intro 

People read content for the value it offers, and nailing the introduction ensures your content gets the attention. Simply, your introduction sells the read. If your blog post introduction does not motivate readers to scroll down to read more, you lose every opportunity to convert them. All the efforts you put into creating your blog post will go in vain.  

Business content writing services involve presenting solutions to specific problems. That readers can relate to. This is the best way to introduce a blog post. When you highlight a pain point in your introduction, you immediately grab your readers’ attention. Your content should be clear about what it is about and how your audience can benefit from reading it.

7.Keep your sentences short and concise 

Writers who are trying to build an audience online. It is important to understand how much information you should put in a blog post.  Beginners and even experienced writers who have been blogging for a long time find it difficult to figure out what their audience wants, especially about blog and sentence length. The ideal length for a sentence is about 14 words, and it should not be longer than 25 words. Readers understand over 90% of what they read on average, with sentences averaging fourteen words in length. 

8.Quickly finish your first draft  

Once your outline is in place, and you have all the research and keywords handy. Time to create a rough draft of that outline. Start writing your first draft using your headers as a guide. The first draft should focus on “getting it out,” which means it should be free of interruptions. 

While you are writing, do not try to censor yourself. No need to reorganize your outline repeatedly just to make it flow better, and you should not rewrite one sentence ten times because it “doesn’t seem right”. There will be enough time to edit for perfection later. So, take a deep breath.

9.Edit it mercilessly  

Inexperienced bloggers need to pay attention to this. If you think writing is hard, editing a blog post is harder. There is more to it than just checking for grammar errors. When editing, it is important to look at the piece as a whole. As well as be willing to sacrifice words so that your writing is clear and concise for the reader.  

While editing, you read it loudly, keep what fits in, and let go of the rest with no mercy. Yes, it does not matter how much time it took to write such great words and sentences. You must let it go for the sake of cohesio

10.Stylize your blog- Add creatives & Images 

A lengthy blog post without any visual experience often presents difficulties for engaging readers. People without the time, will, or ability to read your content piece will not wait for the good part. They will leave your blog post within seconds if it is only talking. Therefore, it is so important to include images in your posts. 

Incorporating images in your blog posts helps break up the text. One of the most important reasons to include images in your posts is to make the text easier to read. The use of images throughout your post will make it appear less intimidating and more appealing. People typically scan blog posts, rather than reading them word-for-word. 

11.Promote your blog post 

Writing high-quality content is only a tiny part of creating and maintaining a successful blog. In order to increase your site traffic and attract more readers, you will need to work on blog promotion. 

You can easily and quickly increase your blog post visibility by sharing it on popular social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can reach a larger audience by sharing your content on multiple social networks for better Social media optimization benefits. An Email marketing strategy for blog promotion is one of the most cost-effective methods of promoting your blog and converting visitors if done correctly.  

Conclude with a Question

When you ask a question at the end of your blog, you invite the reader to ponder an answer. There can be great engagement in your comments section when you follow that up with answers.