SOLZRBM – The Smart RTO Platform is Innovation In Progress

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SolzRBM is an intelligent system built to work with RTOs to ensure compliance and student satisfaction go hand in hand. Our Machine Learning system will tell you how your student is feeling based on their communication with you. This will help you to improve your retention and easily identify students at risk. We are also happy to present our automated chatbot system which will handle frequently asked questions from your stakeholders and allow your student services team to free up time to ensure all your compliance requirements are met. But it doesn’t stop there. Automated systems will allow you to personalize your student communications and follow-up to increase your engagement.

The SolzRBM framework can work with technologies of the future.

Machine Learning

Sentiment Index

Preferred Program

Student Drop-Out Indicator

Know your student’s sentiments Find student’s program enrollment probability Improve Retention Find students at risk

Chat Bots

Automated Student Service

Personalized Follow-ups

Teaching Assistance

Digital Assistance – Handle Q&A Personalize follow-up to increase student engagement Proactively provide relevant content based on universities Huge knowledge base (research papers/case studies).
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