SolzCare -The Complete Solution for Care Management

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Planning to upgrade your existing software, or procuring a new one that Streamlines your Care Management System end-to-end?

Identifying the software that best suits and fulfills your requirements can be a Tricky and Risky Process, especially when you consider the repercussions of choosing\using a software that proves inefficient or insufficient.

Today’s market is full of software that claims to provide a complete Care Management System but proves to only cater to a small part of the overall model which ultimately leads to piling up the system with a multitude of disparate\disconnected software that cannot work in harmony with each other turning the system into more of an overhead than a process accelerator.

Here are some Useful Tips that you may find helpful in making the Correct Choice:

Correct Technology:

For any organization, the initial step prior to choosing a technology platform is conducting a technology audit which is a combination of existing software and hardware present in the organization along with the overall comfort level in terms of familiarization and scope of transition. As a thumb rule, the latest is the best bet since the digital world is evolving rapidly. Technology is getting upgraded every day so getting in sync with the latest can be a telling factor for your success.

Key Pain Areas:

Care Management System overs a very large spectrum of services and functions which are further bifurcated in multiple singular service provisioning systems that operate in parallel to complete the same or isolated processes. Having different software in the same solution can turn out to be more of an overhead than a utility. It is essential to have a solution that comprehensively addresses the need of accommodating multiple functionalities within the same platform.

Usability and accessibility:

Care Management System is the system in which multiple individuals and groups participate in the process flow under different roles and capacities at the same time. Therefore, the software chosen in the process should offer enough flexibility to allow provisioning of accessibility suitable for the masses.

Finding a solution having all the above characteristics under a single umbrella is a trying task where all vendors promise to provide a complete solution but fall short of fulfilling the requirements adequately.

SolzCare is a solution that was designed with the vision to encompass all requirements of the Care Management Domain and was developed to accommodate the same with provisions to further collaborate with other services to deliver the perfect solution for you.

Some of the prominent features of SolzCare which make it unique among others:

  • Platform Flexibility: SolzCare is available in both Online and On-Premise Models which brings a flexibility in setting up the infrastructure that best suits your requirements.
  • Unified Solution: SolzCare is a One-Stop-Shop for all Care Management services under the same roof and multiple users with several different services can be managed.
  • Easy to Use: SolzCare is compatible across multiple platforms and is fully supportive of User Accessibility Assist making it usable for all.