Microsoft Dynamics 365 Setup and Administration

Quality of Product\Service offered is the Primary Building Block for a business to thrive, but the Key driving factor for Succeed is the Relationship it is able to build with its customers. Building this relationship includes pro-active communication and the ability to deliver a personalized experience to your clientele.  Organizations go to great lengths to improve their customers’ experience and a popular means for achieving this is through Customer Relationship Management (aka CRM) solutions.  Nowadays, many CRM solutions like SAP, HubSpot,, etc. are available in the market but one of the most popularly growing one is Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Originally, Microsoft had launched Dynamics in 1993, back then it was found to be fit for a smaller audience of larger enterprises who were mainly in need of an ERP solution which also included CRM capabilities, but in the last 3 decades this platform has evolved to a much higher level of flexibility and moving to the cloud (365), it is now truly a feasible choice for small, medium and large businesses.  Dynamics 365 Setup and AdministrationIt is particularly popular with start-ups because of its ‘Ready-to-Use’ nature where an organization simply needs to take up a subscription and can start using it immediately… no need for setting up servers\datacentres, configurations, etc. and to make it ever more completing, Microsoft is offering a Fully Functional Model of Dynamics available Free for 1 month.  Using this Trial offer, organizations can have a hands-on experience of using Dynamics directly in their activities because if they find suitable, the same Trial instance can be converted into a Production Environment taking away the need to transport leads, orders and other data that had been accumulated during the trial month.  The flexibility of Dynamics does not end here as Microsoft has designed it such that the platform can grow as the business grows. In its minimalist state, an organization can choose to use Dynamics only for its Marketing or Sales related activities and with time they can expand the functionality set of the same platform to include other processes like Customer Service, Project Services, etc.  Taking a big leap forwards, the same Dynamics platform can be grown from a CRM to an ERP where even other essentials of the business-like Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Operations and In-House functions like Finance and Human Resources can be clubbed into the tenant through simple subscription enablement. The model here is ‘Pay Only for What You Need and When You Need’ and with all modules being inter-connected, flow of data and business processes across different functions, departments, etc. can be managed seamlessly… and here we haven’t even mentioned of the connectivity it facilitates with other Microsoft 365 services like Teams, SharePoint, etc.   Being Microsoft Certified Gold Partners specializing in Dynamics, Soluzione is offering some great Quick Start Packages to help organizations of all sizes to get started with Dynamics with a seamless user experience at the snap of a finger 

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