Healthcare Service providers constantly struggle to find solutions that can help to reduce inefficiencies, improve decision making, streamline processes, increase productivity while reducing the costs. SolzCare is Soluzione’s framework for improved, automated and efficient Healthcare Provisioning that brings a consistency in consumer experiences and improved healthcare service delivery.

This frugal solution leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 with integrated back office systems for project accounting, administrative, billing and other functions that bring together the entire lifecycle of Healthcare Provisioning.

SolzCare integrated healthcare management solutions make it easier for care providers to share client information for clinical and care service decisions and cross-organizational case coordination, as well as access the financial data required to drive business decisions while helping in reducing costs, improve access to patient and organizational information, streamline processes, and simultaneously increase client satisfaction.


–  360° view of patients: All healthcare professional from Every Department           can get  a complete picture of a particular patient’s case (medical history,past     present care plans, medications, tests, diagnosis, etc.)
–  Coordinate delivery of patient care throughout the organization with easy
access to all patient records.
–  Assessing patient eligibility and facilitating coverage.
–  Managing reimbursement services and new drug introductions.
–  Enrolling patients into nursing and adherence support programs.
–  Addressing alternative-funding, co-pay and patient-assistance solutions
–  Develop more efficient and effective case management.
–  Increase time spent on patient-focused activities.
–  Deliver better-coordinated outreach and educational activities that target
specific communities or populations.
–  Patient self-service portals.


– Easily store, categorize, and search compliance documents.
– Ensure that managers have the necessary data, materials & access to
maintain compliance.
– Implement intelligent messaging Health Level Seven (HL7) alerts for
international Healthcare standards.


– Stay up-to-date with Healthcare Practices and Procedures through Quick
Analysis of Clinical, Operational and Financial Trends with Dashboards for
Sharing of Information in real-time.
– Pull together all your data for thorough analysis through 40+ reports
covering a vivid range of areas like cases, patients, contacts, revenue, etc.
– Conduct Analysis, Modelling, Analytics and Reporting of Cross-Departmental
Data by using a broad suite of flexible, powerful tools.
– Streamline Budgeting, including authorization of funding sources, processing
of payment requests, and invoicing with integration to financial package


– Contact Management and Workflows across stake holders
– Provide access to patient data through Care Management Portal
– Enable multiple caregivers to collaborate on care for a patient
– Ability to create custom workflows to automate coordination of activities
between multiple healthcare providers.
– Intelligent Scheduling with skill based assignments for optimal distribution
of workload for Caregivers
– Mobile Field Ennoblement for service technicians with complete patient
insight, real-time guidance and cross-team collaboration.
– Routing optimization for efficient utilization of geographically based care
providers to make multiple calls in field maximizing utilization of company
resources, balancing multiple factors such as service level agreements,
traffic, Care provider location, skills, expertise patient preferences, and
other additional defined criteria.


– Real-time insight to funding & expenditure across all business units.
– Manage sensitive payroll information with granular security control.
– Provide 24×7 information access to payer/patient anywhere, on any device or
– Increase productivity via automation of tasks.

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