Case Study – JAS-ANZ

judd murray
Judd Murray

Information Systems Manager
Australia and New Zealand

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The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) is a renowned organizations that helps markets work better by providing internationally recognized accreditation services that create economic benefit. When we first contacted Soluzione, we had an application stack that relied on internally developed applications. Quite a lot, we had to invest time and energy in juggling between multiple applications. The diverse nature of our application demanded a well-rounded development house that could engage and support our complex and interconnect services. Partnering with Soluzione has created unique opportunities for JAS-ANZ that have been deemed impossible. 

The Situation

JAS-ANZ has an application stack that relies on internally developed applications in addition to external applications such as Dynamics 365.
The diverse nature of our applications meant JAS-ANZ needed a well-rounded development house that could engage and support a complex variety of interconnected services. 

The Solution

After reviewing multiple tender responses, JAS-ANZ selected Soluzione as our development partner to take over the full suite of internal and external applications. Soluzione immediately began building the core business knowledge that was needed to effectively produce solutions to our needs. 

Soluzione successfully took ownership of maintaining our internal applications and was quick to begin producing improvements in our Dynamics 365 instance, enabling JAS-ANZ to streamline operations and improve process efficiencies. 

Soluzione also worked with JAS-ANZ to replace key consumer-facing data resources, and in doing so simultaneously simplified the supporting infrastructure whilst also increasing the speed at which data was processed and exposed to the consumer. 

The Result

Thoroughly modern, scalable applications that can be readily adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of our environment. JAS-ANZ has successfully completed more application development in a single year with Soluzione, than in the previous 3 years with other development firms.  

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